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PC Tutorials What is a motherboard and what is it for? What songs make it up

PC Tutorials What is a motherboard and what is it for?  What songs make it up

Many users decide place parts on your computer replaced the installed ones either because they want to increase your capacity as this way I can use all the installed RAM, adding a state-of-the-art graphics card to install high-demand games.

For all these changes you must always have at least some knowledge, for example about the CPU, its parts, how it works or its features, therefore we recommend You will also learn about the motherboard, its parts and what they are for.

Because in such a case of possible motherboard errors, there is a solution that is to reset the BIOS or UEFI to fix certain errors, for this you need information It may not be fully detailed, but at least more basic things, such as knowing how much RAM your card supports.

All this helps us to make the changes mentioned without risk here, to find out how to do it, we teach you what is a motherboard, what parts make it up and what they are used for.

What a baseboard

The motherboard also known as the motherboard is a hardware, ie a physical object, we see it as an electronic card that is responsible for connecting multiple devices to each other through unique connections called sockets, slots and ports, each connection path has its own name.

This electronic card has a system commonly installed called BIOS, which it is responsible for give instructions to the entire motherboard, This basic input and output system is stored on a chip and is maintained by a small battery, so your BIOS configuration will be maintained even if you do not have your computer connected.

What is a motherboard for?

Motherboard or motherboard serve to connect several parts or parts which make up a processor, obviously connects those connected to it, for example: RAM, power supply, video card and other cards that vary depending on their models and designs, whether they are RED Wifi, ADSL, Bluetooth . Among other things.

On one side of the motherboard we can find different external hardware connectors such as USB ports for connecting a large number of devices, HDMI or VGA ports for connecting a monitor, connectors for the RJ45 of the NETWORK cable and, of course, the space of the current or power supply.

What parts make up a motherboard or a motherboard

RAM: As its name suggests, it is a type of memory, but it is responsible above all in storing instruction data, ie it is a database of programs, every time we install a program on our computer the instructions to follow program are stored in RAM.

HDD: Unlike RAM, it stores all kinds of information from the system to multimedia files, is literally where all kinds of existing files are stored and is connected to the motherboard depending on its model and can be in two ways IDE or SATA , which the difference is their type of connection.

parts that make up the motherboard

Processor: In a small component that is responsible for interpreting all the information that the computer receives and sends data to, it is a part that you can change to one with more capacity as it is launched on the market, the more capacity it would have. it will be easier to run many processes or even programs with high requirements due to their function.

Graphics card: It is a component that is responsible for processes related to video or images running on the computer, the ability of a graphics card gives us a better frame rate, which gives your computer the ability to play videos and video games at high speed. quality.

Power or power supply: It is a hardware that connects the motherboard to voltage or current, its function is to maintain the motherboard with energy, ie to supply it with power to start or operate.

We believe that with this information, you can change the parts on your computer to improve its ability without worries. Success!