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PC Tutorials What are magnetic disk drives and what types are there? Complete features

PC Tutorials What are magnetic disk drives and what types are there?  Complete features

In the electronic world, the operation of computers has been influenced by the ability to retain information and store it for a long time. That is why a shape was discovered that at that time completely changed the way saved data from computers.

In this article we will learn what are magnetic disk drives, what types exist and what are their most remarkable features, so that we know more about what surrounds us. Join us in the heart of storing all electronic devices.

What are magnetic hard drives?

They are disks made of a ferromagnetic material that is used to store the data of a computer with physical phenomena. These consist in the production of magnetic fields to establish a record on the disc, so that when this data is requested, only the appropriate magnetic field needs to be generated.

The principle used is that of magnetic dipole, which allows data to be stored in bytes in any area of ​​the hard disk. Basically, the processor sends a signal to the head or electromagnet responsible for writing or reading data to disk. In this way, by sending the precise signal to produce a magnetic field, the information can be stored and read quickly via disks.

Simply with your head passing close to magnetic dipoles is enough to know if there is an attraction or a rejection reaction. In this way it is possible simply get the required bytes, when searching for information.

magnetic hard disk for computer

One of the main features of magnetic hard drives is that they are «Involuntary memories» who do not lose their data when they lose power. In other words, it keeps your data even when disconnected from electricity, otherwise with RAM. To learn more about the parts and materials of a magnetic hard drive, you can find more information on the internet.

What are they used for? What types are there?

The main use of magnetic hard drives is to storage of non-volatile data on electronic devices. And in terms of types, we can find only two on the current market, such as hard drives and solid state hard drives. It is of great interest to know how to increase the speed of your computer if you need it.

Solid state units

This type of magnetic hard drive is the fastest on the market today because it has a technology that allows you to access data easily. Store data in microchips that are interconnected so you don’t have to be on the move to reach them. They are also called SSD hard drives by the acronym Solid State Drive.

Hard disks

These magnetic disk drives are the classics we can find on all computers, responsible for storing information. Count on a rotating disk so that the data inside can be accessed.

The structure of the latter consists of a flat tray which is made of a material of others of pride, to which is added an electronic circuit that functions as a computer bus.

types of magnetic disks

This bus connects to the header that is in charge of reading and writing informationIt also has a motor that rotates the disc. In the same way, it has a head motor and control card. According to the information stored on the disk, it will have tracking divisions or geometric sectors.

Why are magnetic hard drives important?

Something to remember is the importance of these disks for the proper functioning of all electronic devices. Mainly because I allow keep the relevant information, required to start all kinds of programs and applications in addition to providing the user with a full session on his device.

You should always know the storage capacity and free space of the device to be aware of its operation. Similarly, especially on Android devices, you need to know what takes up the most space in order to make decisions about storing it. I hope this information will be useful to you.