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PC Tutorials How to use the cut, copy and paste tool with my PC keyboard

PC Tutorials How to use the cut, copy and paste tool with my PC keyboard

Cut, copy and paste It is something that anyone who uses a computer should dedicate themselves to the enormous ease of doing, however, not everyone does, this makes your life so easy that you can not live knowing that you do not.

It has endless utilities, you can do it to copy and paste the CLABE interbank when sending a deposit, you can use it to copy a funny image you saw on your startup Facebook and paste it on the web WhatsApp to send to a friend.

It has many utilities and most experts do with keyboard commandsHere is what can take a considerable time, some last only a few thousandths of a second and we will see later.

Why use keyboard controls to cut, copy, or paste?

Because it’s much simpler to do this than to waste precious time in your life doing these actions that at the moment with one alone don’t seem to be much, but if you put them together and with frequencies that you will use surely in the long run you will save days or even months of life.

Unlike Linux commands, those used by Windows are simpler and need to perform simple actions such as «Shortcuts«This means that they are already assigned to your keyboard and you don’t have to reassign or reconfigure them, so all Windows computers They have it and you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have them.

The order to cut, what is it and what is it for?

The cut command in Windows is used when you need to move text, image, audio, or any other extension file from one place to another, but you do not have to keep the original file.

That being the case, you just want to keep a copy of the file, the one you are going to paste to the next destination, it is very useful and serves to not give so many turns when you use the computer, in addition, to do so has many advantages, such as saving hard disk space so then you don’t have to free up space on your computer.

The cut command is predefined on the Windows keyboard with the key combination: CNTRL + X, just tap the file you want to cut and press this command, you will notice that the file does not disappear until you paste the file to the destination, I’ll tell you how to do it later.

Copy the order, what is it for?

The copy command is very useful because we often need it exactly the same information in a different place, it is used more commonly than you think and helps a lot those who work in an online Excel, for example, to transfer identical values ​​from one sheet to another.

To use it, just select the file you want to copy and press: CNTRL + C, this will mark the file and you can paste it wherever you want, as long as the platform you are on allows you to paste the file (because it is not always compatible).

Paste the order, what is it and what is it for?

It will serve you as the second action from the 2 previous commands, ie using this command you can make what you previously copied or cut pasted to the desired destination.

This is very important, because without this action, the previous ones are not useful or useless, to achieve it is very easy, you just need to press the following commands: CNTRL + V, this will paste any file you have in the clipboard.

copy paste paste commands

Note: there will be times when your file will not be pasted, this may be because you hurried to copy the file and need to try again or because this file cannot be glued in the area where you indicate this, it may be due to a compatibility issue or the area where you are pasting it

To download the compatibility issue, press CNTRL + V In any other area that is not exactly where you just did it, if it still doesn’t stay, it’s probably the second thing I told you unfortunately, a good replacement for this tool could be the Cutting Tool.