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PC Tutorials How to recover files with Jihosoft Photo Recovery on my computer Sometimes we are forced to download a …

PC Tutorials How to recover files with Jihosoft Photo Recovery on my computer Sometimes we are forced to download a ...

Sometimes we have to download a file again for the simple fact that we have permanently deleted it from our storage on our computer. No matter how much we look at the trash, it has been emptied and there is no way delete that file.

But did you know that there are programs that allow you to recover deleted files from your computer? More precisely photos and images. In fact, it could be said that it is a similar and just as effective alternative compared to users trying to recover a backup on WhatsApp. So today we will explain everything about Jihosoft photo recovery.

What are the main features of Jihosoft Photo Recovery

You can’t imagine the large number of programs that help you recover a deleted file. Many of them, although it works, are not as comparable as this program. Of course, if we compare Jihosoft with others programs like Recuva, the possibilities are not so wide.

Despite this, this software has a number of features that we should mention as follows:

  1. It can be used for any internal and external hard drive that your computer or laptop has
  2. You may recover information deleted from microSD cards and USB disks
  3. It gives the user the ability to create an image so that it is possible to create a backup of the data that the user thinks is needed to back it up.
  4. It offers a high probability of recover media files which have the following formats:
    1. JPG and PNG
    2. BMP and GIF
    3. AVI and MP4
    4. M4A and MP3
    5. MOV and WAV

If by chance you do not know what all these file formats or extensions are used for, you should know that this program will allow you to recover both video files, such as images and sound alike, whether you’re running it on your hard drive or on external memory such as micro SD or SDHC.

A very important fact that you should know and must mention is that this program can be run on electronic devices as well.

  • Digital cameras
  • Mobile Phones
  • Apple computers and laptops
  • Sports cameras, especially Canon Sony and GoPro
  • Music and video players, as well as Amazon Kindle Fire tablets

Why should I use Jihosoft Photo Recovery to recover files from my computer?

One of the main reasons why you should download and install Jihosoft Photo Recovery is that you can get files that you have been deleting for months. If you’re wondering how this is possible, it’s because hard drives don’t completely erase information.

Visually, the user does not see the file reflected in the storage space. But there is a certain record stored deep inside the hard disks that allows programs like it to retrieve that information. Now what Jihosoft is so useful does not mean it will be effective 100% of the time.

That is, depending on the damage, time, and other factors related to the file, it may or may not be recovered. Moreover, this is a detail that all file recovery software has.

Another reason why you should download this program and include it in your list of favorite programs is that it does not need many resources to use it. In fact, at best it requires just over 30 MB of storage space. Of the rest, the requirements in terms of RAM, processor and others are minimal to the point be compatible with earlier versions of Windows 10.

How can I download Jihosoft Photo Recovery to my computer?

There are many platforms and pages on the internet where you can get this free program. Our recommendation is to go to the official page and download the program from there.

Please note that the program has a free trial that has a trial period. Once this period ends, you will have to pay for the program in order to still be able to opt for the same functions.

What is the procedure for using Jihosoft Photo Recovery?

The steps are extremely simple and we will explain below:

  1. Download the program using the link we provide. If you have problems connecting to the internet, we recommend that you download and install a WiFi or internet driver on your computer.
  2. Now install it and once the process is complete, run the program
  3. It will start performing a general scan
  4. You can connect a USB memory or any other USB medium in which you want to recover
  5. You wait for the program to do its job and once it is finished, it will show you the possible files that you can recover.

Note that the program will perform a general scan. That is, you can recover both photos, videos, and music if they were deleted at that time. Similarly, the program will give you information about the status of the file. I mean, you will know if it is possible to make the recovery or if the file is too damaged.

In the case of mp3 files, you will be shown the file name, plus its validity, size and status. You need to pay close attention to validity. If it is green, it is because you can recover it without damaging the file. On the other hand, if it has an error, it will change color, either in orange or red.