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PC tutorials How to install and configure an SSD on my computer How to do a speed test? – Improve computer performance

PC tutorials How to install and configure an SSD on my computer How to do a speed test?  - Improve computer performance

Many users want it increases in one way or another the performance of our computer and to achieve this we need to increase the features of our hardware, it is also important to remember that through software we can increase performance if a PC running Windows or Mac is slow and we need to increase its speed.

There are also a large number of programs that help us with the operation of our computer either to remove unwanted files, duplicates, clear cache or simply an antivirus, all this and more.

It is very easy to understand that at the computer level, the more space, the better the performance, because if we have saturated our hard drive, our computer will become slow, so a practical solution is replace our hard drive with one of more capacity or add an external one.

SSDs are a viable solution Because they have a large amount of space, you should check if your laptop or computer supports an SSD so that you can consider adding it, otherwise we recommend that you continue to use the HDD.

So, if your computer is suitable for an SSD, you can investigate which is best for your computer if the HDD or SSD is very important because it will define or will provide us with storage space, So if you want to install and configure an SSD here, find out how to do it, we will teach you.

How to install an SSD on your computer

To install an SSD in your computer, you will need one «Sata Cable» You can see this type of cable in your CPU connected from the motherboard to «HDD» They are usually red, but can also be black or blue are the most common colors.

If you are already done with the sata cable, continue with connect it to the motherboard its connection has an «L» shaped guide, it only fits the right one, so you do not have to worry about the location, there are even more ports to which you can connect it.

Once connected, proceed to place the other end of the SSD in the same way and you will be able to see another socket in the SDD storage, you just need to grasp this connector from the power supply which is the same as HDDs.

Normally, there are always several such connectors in the power supplies, as they can also be used on a DVD drive or external discs, as in this special case, when connecting the two ports. The physical part of the SSD will be installed.

How to set up an SSD storage drive on a computer

After the physical installation, continue to start the computer and wait for the computer to recognize it automatically, if not, go to the Start button and right-click to display the options, then select «Disk Management».

An interface will open with all available system disks and their partitions, but the important thing is that a storage space with an information message will appear at the bottom. which is not assigned.

Internal SSD with connection ports

Just right click on this space and give «New simple volume», Immediately the installation wizard will open, you just have to press the next one without moving its values, except to give it a letter as a name, then our system will format it just to be able to use it and voila, this SSD configuration in Windows is very easy to learn.

How to do a speed test on an SSD

To measure write speed or sequential speed, you must use a program that handles this function in this article, we recommend that you:

CrystalDisk brand: This magnificent tool allows us to see the read and write speed of our SSD storage disk in different ways, it is very easy to use by downloading the program, installing it and executing it, it handles the sampling process of the data on the disk selected. Good luck!