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PC Tutorials How to install an antivirus on my Mac Is an antivirus needed? Which?

PC Tutorials How to install an antivirus on my Mac Is an antivirus needed?  Which?

Mac computers are called Apple, Apple is the most recognized customer service brand in the world, it has several devices that are sold to a extremely expensive price compared to their market and precisely because they offer you not only a product, but a lifestyle.

Apple has one of the best and most important software programs in the world, counting computers, mobile phones, tablets (which Apple calls iPad because it absolutely all their products in an original and unique way) and that is why their computers are considered one of the best in the world.

Are these computers really worth it?

The simple answer is yes, but it can’t be left alone there, so we’ll say it depends … just like in a mobile device you need to know the capacity of the memory card it uses to know How many files can you put in it? to the mobile phone.

In computers you should know What will you use it for?How long are you going to be with her? What good will it do you? All of these questions are very important when deciding whether your Mac is the best option or not, why?

Easily, most Macs compete in the market compared to the average of other computers (not only do they compete, but far outnumber them), yet Macs they have many disadvantages, cyber security is certainly not one of them.

Well, they have one of the best defense systems in terms of malware, everything connects here, because Apple offers a very stable defense system and it is not possible to infect a Mac.

However, protection never hurts and one of the most common viruses that usually infects Macs is one of the deadliest, I’m talking about Adware, which basically consists of filling your computer with annoying ads in parts where you shouldn’t receive ads.

This type of malware can infect your Mac, because it most often hits you when you browse a web of dubious origin and it doesn’t matter with an HTTPS protocol or something else that possibly using a browser like Google Chrome, you are informed about this, but often the user decides to stay.

Another option is to download an infected file, at first glance it may have a known extension, but this is just a disguise, so today we bring you the best antivirus for Mac.

The best antivirus to protect your Mac computer

These are the best antivirus on the market and have a Mac version, but they are not exclusive, so they are good, currently Mac says that you do not need an antivirus on your web portal, because your hardware allows your software to be one of the most secure in the world.

You can find this in the security section of the Mac portal, it’s better anyway prevent than regret so here you have the best 2 antivirus that you can install on your computer completely free and immediately.

Avast Security for Mac

Avast is one of the best antiviruses out there because it has partial computer security all the time, it has been on the market for many years and people identify it as also reliable. his voice system so famous which is responsible for making the user experience much simpler and more useful than with other antivirus on the market, of course, is available in its Mac version.

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Avira is one of the antiviruses best known for Mac because it is the one that gives you the most features for the system and in its Mac version it is much better than in its Windows version.

Avira is available for download from its web portal and among its most notable features are:

  • Block, detect and remove all malware
  • Provides real-time protection for shopping, browsing and downloading with complete security
  • Best privacy: protect your data with an encrypted VPN

These features make Avira the ideal antivirus for you who are a Mac user, in addition to the fact that, of course, it is 100% free