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PC Tutorials How to fix c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error | Complete Guide Many computer users know the Windows operating system, …

PC Tutorials How to fix c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error |  Complete Guide Many computer users know the Windows operating system, ...

Many of the computer users know the Windows operating system, and although there are various operating systems, such as the Linux operating system, the Mac OS operating system, among others, Windows is still the one that most computers have as their default operating system.

As the name suggests, Windows works as a window between the user and the computer. And even if your system to be very complete and efficient, this undoubtedly sometimes has certain errors.

It certainly depends a lot on the maintenance it receives and the correct and careful use that the user has with the computer. Although in the same way you can has some errors due to interface issues from your system. One of the most common is the c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error.

As frustrating as this situation may be, there are several solutions you can try to solve this error. Here we show you everything related to the c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error.

Why does this error occur in Windows?

Error c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt is known as startup error, its appearance may be due to different factors. This error is a repeated system of codes that repeats itself endlessly and does not disappear until we try to solve it.

It is important to note that if your computer has the Windows 10 update, it has the ability to automatic troubleshooting which can be presented. If you have this operating system and still the c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error does not disappear, it may be one or more of the options you will see below.

Corrupt software

When the Windows operating system or Software is poorly installed, is not supported or is corrupt, it is most likely you will receive the c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error. This is because the content of the software or operating system is organized incorrectly, some data is missing, or it is invalid.

Hardware failures

As most people know, hardware is physical part of the computer or other equipment computer science, ie the parts. And in the same way that the software, the failure of one of these parts or its malfunction, can generate the error c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt.

A hardware does not work when some of the following problems occur.

  • Power supply difficulties: This is one of the most common problems, so it is very easy to identify. If no light comes on when the equipment is turned on, means that the current does not reach the base.
  • Motherboard problems: This type of problem is mainly caused by short circuits or damage to the capacitors.
  • RAM problems – Corrupt RAM can lead to serious computer hardware problems. Although this inconvenience is usually detected by the Windows operating systemYou should avoid this as much as possible and know how much your computer can support for proper operation.
  • Graphics Card Difficulties: Detecting this error is easy, as it has been running since you turned on your computer. stripes appear on the monitor or the system becomes unstable when running a multimedia program. You need to make sure that the equipment has adequate ventilation to avoid problems with the graphics card due to overheating.Hard disk issues: These are usually dangerous because they can cause irreparable loss of files and data on your computer.

usb protection in windows

Viral attacks

It’s no secret that malware or a virus can cause a irreparable damage to your computer. In addition, a virus attack can affect the Windows operating system, causing the c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error to occur.

Typically, computer users want to protect their computers from USB viruses, as they can get affects operating system data to the point of completely damaging them or introducing certain issues such as c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error.

What are the simplest solutions to this error?

C / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error is very common in many computers today and, although it seems very stressful, it has a solution and a way to prevent it. Below you will find some of the most common solutions easy to run and efficient.

Although to execute these solutions you can do it having only basic knowledge on this subject, it is most recommended that. contact a professional to avoid aggravating your computer’s situation if it has this error.

Run the GUI version of CHKDSK

CHKDSK means «Check Disk», meaning «Check Disk». Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems have a tool to detects and repairs errors on your hard drive and find out if you have enough storage space.

check the hard disk

In case of mistake has been detected, such as c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error, to run this command and resolve the error in question, perform the following steps:

  • Press the «Windows» key together with the «X» key
  • Select the «prompt-administrator command» option
  • Place the CHKDSK command
  • Place the drive you want to check (for Windows operating system issues, place drive «C»)
  • Press the Enter key

If you want to do this without executing line commands, as I explained earlier, you can do this using GUI version of CHKDSK. Follow the steps below.

  • On your computer, go to the «This computer» folder
  • Select the drive you want to scan with the right mouse click
  • Click on the «Properties» option
  • Once the «Properties» box is open, select the «Tools» option.
  • Click the «Check» box
  • Ignore the notification that everything is fine and select the «Scan drive» option
  • When the scan is complete, you will receive a message informing you that the procedure was successful.

blue screen error on Windows computer

Repair corrupt Windows registry

This method is one of the easiest to execute and effective at the moment troubleshooting Windows registry errors. Works when data in corrupted records is corrected, and this version replaces this corrupt data. To practice this method, you just need to do the following.

  • Press the «Windows» key plus the «X» key
  • Enter the following two commands
  1. DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Scanhealth
  2. DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth

Update your password

  • Open the Windows menu
  • Open the «Accounts» option
  • Go to login options
  • Select the «Password» option
  • Click the «Change» option
  • Enter a new password

the image of a computer throwing error

Restore the system

When you update your Windows operating system and then receive the error c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt, it is very likely that you made a bad installation or there is wrong information.

If you are in this situation you can restore the previous system to recover it, which is the easiest thing to do in this case. It is important that you create a restore point for Windows before upgrading your Windows operating system. To restore the operating system, perform the following steps.

  • Search initially «Create a restore point»
  • Choose the first result that appears in the search
  • Select «System Restore»
  • Click «Next»
  • Choose the restore point you want to return to
  • Click «Next»
  • Click «Finish» to complete the procedure concerned

Run a disk check and SFC

Use a System File Checker (SFC.exe) It can be very useful and even the solution to fix the c / windows / system32 / logfiles / srt / srttrail.txt error, because it repairs the damaged files that are the generators of that error.

To run this tool alone type the sfc / scannow command at the command prompt. This command will scan all files and replace the damaged files with a cached copy that is compressed in the% WinDir% System32 dllcache folder.

It’s important to know that you should not close this window until the completion of the procedure. Upon completion of the procedure, you will receive a notification from the system, where you will see one of the following notifications, depending on the results of the verification.

  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them successfully
  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files, but could not fix them
  • Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation
  • Windows Resource Protection did not find any breaches of integrity

options on my computer

How to recover your data if it is accidentally deleted?

If you want to recover lost or accidentally deleted files, you can do so restoring an earlier version, where copies of data that Windows automatically saves are stored. This happens if you later created a system restore point. To create one, follow the steps below.

  • Locate the taskbar
  • Put «Create a restore point» in the search engine
  • Choose the first option that appears
  • In the «System Properties» box, select the «System Protection» tab.
  • Select the «Create» option
  • Give a short description of the restore point
  • Select «Create»
  • Select «Accept»

After creating the restore point, go to the «Computer» folder and then to the folder where was the file you want to recover. Once there, tap the folder with a right mouse click and search for «Restore previous versions».