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PC tutorials How to boot or boot your Mac in safe mode or recovery if the «cmd + r» command does not work

PC tutorials How to boot or boot your Mac in safe mode or recovery if the "cmd + r" command does not work

Apple Mac computers have revolutionized the computing landscape since its inception, completely changing what a computer can be and being key to its various models in its conversion. a tool for daily use, having easy-to-use software with a wide range of functions essential for the general public.

Being state-of-the-art equipment in terms of its technical specifications, especially the storage of the equipment to be able to run all its functions without problems. However, you need to delete temporary files or cache on your Mac to free up space periodically so that all your tools continues to work optimally.

Given how many times the files inside your computer tend to accumulate and it is tedious to delete them manually. may delete duplicate files and photos on Mac forever through your computer’s operating system or external tools, so you can save time to work on more important tasks.

And, as with other devices, there may come a time when we abuse our computer processor with many programs or heavy programs. However, the operating system allows you to speed up or speed up a slow Mac so that you can analyzes the processes which causes the equipment to slow down and decide if you delete them.

There are currently a wide variety of Macs with all kinds of specifications to suit the tastes of the users. You can compare the features of Mac computers on the official Apple website so that you have an accurate idea of ​​which equipment works best for you. according to your tastes and needs.

It is important to note that, like other brands of computers, Mac computers can have all sorts of operating problems depending on the use we offer them, whether they are hardware or software. For this reason, today we will teach you how to start or start a Mac in safe mode or recovery if it does not work command «cmd + r».

Start a Mac computer in safe or recovery mode

If you need to start the safe or recovery mode of a Mac computer repairing malfunctions or problems on the hard disk without the need for the «cmd + r» command, shut down the computer and disconnect all hardware tools except the computer keyboard and mouse.

Turn on the computer and hold down the Shift key until Apple apple appears and then the start window on the screen. Then you need to confirm that the system has started safely through apple icon> About this Mac> System Report> Software.

In this menu you can see Boot ModeIf it says Safe, you will be able to restart your computer to check that the operating issues have been completely resolved.

You can also start safe mode by turning off the computer and then press the power button until the options window appears. Select a boot disk and press the Shift key, click continue in safe mode, and release the key to begin the boot process.

Functions that are not available in safe or recovery mode

Once safe mode has started, more team functions will be restricted to prevent further damage to the equipment while the team analyzes the problems. Therefore, after starting safe mode, it is recommended that you restart your computer to start your computer normally. The locked functions are as follows:

Mac computer started in safe or recovery mode

  • Any kind of video player such as iMovie or external tools These are restricted to avoid graphics card problems.
  • The WiFi connection is blocked in many cases to avoid web browsing, to prevent malware problems when entering a page or downloading files.
  • the computer’s external peripheral connectors are locked to prevent entry into external programs while the computer is being scanned.
  • The option of share files and programs it is also safely disabled to prevent access by external elements that could infect your computer.