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PC applications How to connect or access the WordPress Admin panel step by step

PC applications How to connect or access the WordPress Admin panel step by step

WordPress is the platform where you can write and manage your website on the same site, this CMS or for its acronym in the Spanish content management system, will give you one of the best views (for many the best) of web administration, there is many other CMS. WordPress far surpasses them all.

Due to its characteristics, although not unique, they they are much more configurable and more professional that in other CMS, for example, this website where you read this article, is hosted on WordPress, basically at the time of choosing CMS there is only one option that is worth considering and that is, then choosing a hosting service is another topic, because there are many competitors and many other relevant options to choose from.

In addition, about 40% of the pages on the Internet use WordPressThis already says a lot about how the web pages market, they tell you themselves on their web page.

What is a CMS?

You have read so far that I am talking about the term CMS and I have told you the acronyms, but it is very certain that if you start this, you do not know what I mean, well with CMS I mean the platform on which your website is mounted.

Not your hosting, not your website, if not the service you run it with, for example another CMS could be wix (although it has many limitations) and is that nowadays we can hardly talk about anyone about the WordPress competition.

All other platforms that exist have clear disadvantages, such as that you are not allowed to move your site, administration is limited, you do not have full control over your site and, although they make everything easier for you in terms of code, WordPress will continue to be the best choice both today and in the near future.

From a CMS you can (depending on the CMS) completely edit the web page either by touching the code or not and although most CMS on the market are tilted or why do not touch the code at all Or just touch code, WordPress is a hybrid that can support both forms at the same time, allowing you to edit the code in Appearance> Thematic Editor.

How to access WordPress dashboard?

Accessing the WordPress dashboard requires two steps, the first is you have a WordPress dashboard, that is, you have to install it from Hosting, and the second is to enter from your site on your WordPress desktop, let’s see it and if you already have it installed go directly to «After registration»

Before I register

Installing WordPress directly from your hosting server is easy, the first thing you should do is enter cPanelThis will be different in every hosting service that exists, but normally appears among the main options after hiring a service, this option will never appear again.

Now looking for cPanel «Install WordPress» or «Instalatron» These are the most common ways to enable WordPress services, you just need to configure the basics, such as name and «https» and leave everything else by default (then you can change it).

The important thing is here create a username and password, by default, will include a username and password that you can change at this time. After installation, it will take you to the page we will see in the second step.

wordpress logo configuration panel enter

After registration

Once you are registered and have WordPress installed on your site, now you only need to log in from ElNombreDeTUweb / wp-admin, meaning let’s assume that your website is called «» to enter the Dashboard. administration of this site that you have to enter from « wp-admin«And so, here you will put the username and password that were generated or that you changed in the previous step.

Now you can insert banner ads from your admin panel, install plugins, edit templates, provide access to other users, improve the security of your website, and make all kinds of changes to your liking.

You can also add adjustment bars in the admin panel and they will be added to the left sidebar, which by how you can change the look and feel colors in customization.