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PC Applications How to add or put webcams, frames, text, overlays and widgets in OBS – Full Tutorial

PC Applications How to add or put webcams, frames, text, overlays and widgets in OBS - Full Tutorial

If you are a person who likes to sing live broadcasts, but you are looking for the idea to make your transmissions in a better way, you have come to the right place, because here we will give you some excellent steps to work with OBS.

If you’re looking for information on how to put background music in an OBS video, we’ll do it explain in detail: what is OBS, the usefulness of webcams, frames, text, overlays and widgets to add them live by OBS.

What is OBS and how does it work?

Most people find that working with video editing or broadcasting is an easy task, when in reality it is not, in order to be able to make a live broadcast, you have to do a lot of work first to present a quality video.

So what is OBS? OBS is actually a software, it is very important to emphasize that because it is a software known as OBS, but its real name is Open the Broadcaste program and its function is based on the possibility to optimize videos and to be able to transmit excellently on different platforms.

Webcam utility, frames, texts, overlays and widgets in OBS

Understanding the usefulness of these elements, such as: webcam, frames, text, overlays, and widgets to use them perfectly in OBS, is as simple as creating a YouTube account on a mobile phone, although for many people it sounds somewhat confused, we’ll show you that it really isn’t.

The usefulness of these elements mentioned above is essential to be able to have a excellent result in OBS, because when making a video, the quality of the image to be displayed must be taken care of as much as possible, because the material will be displayed.

panel to add obs

Steps to add or put your webcam, frames, text, overlays and widgets in OBS

The steps to add or put your webcam, frames, text, overlays and widgets in OBS are very simple. The first and most fundamental thing is to update the drivers in Windows 10 so that you can work with greater security.

Add a webcam

The easiest way to add a camera to OBS is as follows: you must first find a good quality webcam install it on your computerAfter the webcam is installed on your computer, you need to go to OBS to configure the camera in the software.

Once the software starts, an icon with the plus symbol will appear, from where it must be selected so that different alternatives appear and the device alternative can be located, you must specifically select where it says video capture.

Once that alternative is selected, a new window will open, this window will open to make a certain camera-specific configuration, but it is not necessary, because the webcam will already work from OBS.

Add frames and overlays

If you want to add frames or overlays to your OBS videos, you need to search again plus symbol from software, But this time, the alternative you will have to select is the one that says sources.

Once you select alternative sources, you should also look for them select where the image is written so that a new sale opens where you can add the image you want to use as a frame or overlay in the OBS.

Add text

To add text to a video in OBS you will have to repeat the process, you have to look for the plus symbol, then you will go to the alternative where it writes sources, after you select where it writes sources you will get more alternatives, you should select the text writer so that a new window opens and you can write the text you want to add to the video.

Add widgets

To add a widget to OBS when you select the plus icon, you need to locate it alternative that says widgets so that a new window can open where the widgets you want to select to add will be displayed