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Pastel yellow, painting recommendations on the walls

Bright interior living room

You have doubts about using pastel yellow color in the painting of the walls or in the decoration of your house ?, don’t worry. Now we will see some tips that can help you not to make mistakes when using this soft and delicate tone in your home.

Why pastel yellow is a special color

Let’s start by knowing some of the qualities of marigolds that make them special, mainly pastel or soft tones.

They have a good affinity for light. Like white, yellow reflects light, making the environment look bright. It is suitable for small rooms and where you want to emphasize the light and details. You need to consider adding all the light sources, natural or artificial, needed to create this effect.

It is a very delicate color, and these characteristics are radiated into the environment in which it is used. In this way, bedrooms or living rooms are created with a serene and delicate look, in the same way that it would make a pink, a soft green or a pale lavender.

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It tends to blind with excess light, if you want to use it in places where a lot of natural light enters. You should consider whether you really want to increase the brightness in an environment where you stay for a long time. Maybe you need something less clear and less aggressive for sight.

It can be simple or tasteless if not combined properly. It’s not just about pastel yellow paint and nothing else. It is always necessary to know what other shades to accompany it, in which places it will look better and in which not.

Where you can paint soft yellow

Pastel yellow wall combined with gray

As I have said several times in the Pinto mi Casa notes, there are no special colors for certain environments. In this case, the yellow ones can be used wherever you want. But I can give you some suggestions:

It is a good choice for a bathroom, a place where light and the appearance of space are appreciated. It is also suitable for other enclosed spaces, such as entrances, hallways and laundries.

If you don’t mind the light in the morning, it is a good color for the bedroom because it creates a serene and very delicate environment.

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It is suitable for children’s room as long as it is combined with other shades, to create a little more dynamism and variety. Here it can be accompanied by other pastel shades of pink, mint green, light blue or lavender.

It is about a good alternative to common environments, such as the kitchen, living room or living room, as long as you combine it with white. You have to constantly try to play with contrasts and details to avoid falling into monotony.

And what colors should you combine it with …

The walls of the bedroom in pastel yellow

White: the neutral that must not be missing. Facilitates light scattering and accentuates the coloring of soft tones.

Gray: alternative to white. It creates a very pleasant contrast effect, also giving a modern note.

Brown or brown: earth tones are perfect, and natural tones of wood and other existing materials.

Intense yellow (corn, mustard, lemon): especially for small areas and details in pastel yellow painted environments.

Blue (mint, turquoise, apple): used to create contrasts in minor details.

We do not all have the same tastes and the same needs. Maybe you want to use yellow to paint or decorate, because it seems to be the right one. On the contrary, other people will throw it out of their favorite color palette. Maybe with these tips the result will be more than pleasant

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