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Paints, varnishes and special finishes in spray or aerosols

Wood spray

There is no doubt that spray paints are very practical. It takes some practice to get good results, and in many cases it can be much more expensive to spray paint than to paint conventionally. But there are other circumstances in which it will be the best option, with good finishes and little work. These are some special paints that are on the market.

Spray varnishes or aerosols

The varnish has the function of protecting surfaces, metals, wood and other types of paints. There are varnishes suitable for different types of materials and uses:

Hairspray: Especially for creating a protective finish on stretched art paint, oil or acrylic paints and also crafts, drawings, photos and other paper surfaces.

Oil lake: It is a special material for art. Oil paintings usually oxidize in contact with oxygen in the air, which is why this varnish is used to keep the work in good condition for several years.

Water-based lake: It is nothing more than the traditional acrylic lacquer, which can be used to protect both artistic pieces, crafts and, of course, wood. All with the benefits of water-based products, less odor, less toxicity and fast drying.

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Varnish for chalk paint: Although chalk paint does not always need a coat of finish or protection, there is a special product to do it. This will improve the durability of the paint and the technique used, especially outdoors.

Lake or car lake: For those who like to paint small parts or repair body paint, this is the perfect varnish. Always getting the right spray paint finish without using tools.

Paper varnish: It is a special product for paper crafts, cutouts, collages or simply if you want to protect photos, documents and additional crafts. In all cases, fixative or acrylic varnish can be used.

Lacquer (synthetic or polyurethane) for wood: The traditional product for varnishing wood, but in this case in the spray presentation. A suitable way for small works and if you want to get a quick finish quickly.

Special aerosol colors

Paint colors

Colors are important in spray paints and each manufacturer has a color palette ranging from a few to a few dozen, suitable for any type of project.

RAL colors: But some brands specifically offer colors based on the RAL color chart, which is very important because they are commonly used in signage, industry, and branding.

Metallic colors: Many manufacturers have a wide range of metallic colors, whether traditional (silver, copper and gold), as well as green, blue and various shades of metallic finish.

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Fluorescent colors: Fluorine colors are great for adding interesting touches to your home decor. Small pieces are usually painted, and using spray is the best way to do this.

Phosphorescent or luminescent colors: Colors that look normal and even open to the naked eye, but shine in the dark or in low light conditions.

Reflective or reflective paint: It is used on bicycles, headphones, objects on roads and allows its visibility in the dark when light falls on it and is reflected back to its source.

Aerosol primers

Spray painting

The primer is applied before the final painting, so that it has a proper adhesion. In general, a colored synthetic enamel does not have a good adhesion on different types of metals, such as aluminum or galvanized. That is why it is also possible to find metal primers that are perfect for work at home. Some of them are:

Primer for iron or ferrous surfaces: Sprays for metal parts of iron that protect them from corrosion, being used as a single material or before enamelling. It is also often called anti-rust or anti-rust primer.

Galvanizing primer: the galvanized parts have a special layer made to prevent the oxidation of the constituent material. It would not need a paint, unless it is intended to change color. This spray primer does the job easily.

Plastic primer: Aerosol version of common goods primers for plastic, which allows the anchoring of any paint on this material.

Primer for chalk paint: It is necessary to prime if the previous finish is glossy or has a product that makes it difficult for the paint to adhere to the chalk.

Spray paints

Aerosol boxes

Thus, we also find on the market sprays that mimic conventional application paint or another type of special material. Aerosol is the best method of application for a smooth, trace-free finish.

Chalk paint or chalk effect: these paintings are generally not just chalk paint or at least not entirely. But they have the ultra-matte effect and the feel of traditional paint.

Matte glass effect: If you want to overshadow a glass, either decorative or to create privacy, this is the best way to do it with paint. This spray creates a translucent finish that mimics frosted glass and sandblasting.

Textured stone effect: this effect is achieved with particles of another color, making a very original imitation of granite and without using any special technique, simply a special spray paint.

Glitter effect: Creates a surface with glitter glitter, thanks to the shiny microparticles that the paint has in the same way as glitter or glitter.

Metallic effects: Paints with metallic finishes or effects that mimic the shine and finishes of various metals such as wrought iron or wrought iron finish. Even shiny metals like the stainless steel finish, very similar to the chrome effect or the mirror effect. Also imitations of gold, bronze and copper metals, especially for handicrafts. There are even brands that offer the anodized effect or metallic colors.

Paints for special cases

Outdoor spray paint

The advantage of aerosols is their simple application, without touching the part with any tool, and the finish is quite acceptable.

Sheet metal paint: The same thing that is sold in stores to make any object a sheet metal surface, with a matte and special finish for writing or drawing with chalk. Spray paint with tin simplifies the work.

For household appliances: It must be a special product to adhere to the previous paintings, which have a suitable brightness and color. Aerosol is the best and easiest way to change the color of refrigerators or washing machines.

For radiators and high temperature: The paint must remain unchanged despite the increased heat on the metal. The spray is perfect for painting between corners and corners without too much agitation.

For graffiti: Perhaps one of the most common uses of aerosols, due to its versatility, variety of colors, fast drying and several qualities. With a little practice and the right techniques, it is also possible to create beautiful works of art.

For upholstery: A spectacular presentation to change the color of the leather and upholstery in leather or eco-leather. Spraying is the right way to paint this material without finishing details.

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