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Outlook What to do if Outlook only closes on Android? | Easy Fix There are a number of reasons why Outlook …

Outlook What to do if Outlook only closes on Android?  |  Easy Fix There are a number of reasons why Outlook ...

There are a lot of reasons why Outlook or another application can close itselfEither a virus, the installation failed, or after it was installed, it was updated and now it needs more space and unfortunately the mobile phone does not have the necessary space.

Whatever the reason, you should know that there are solutions that fix any errors such as uninstalling and reinstalling the app on Android, this is the method most recommended by users who have had this failure.

Then back up your Outlook email from your computer or mobile browser, after securing your data, go to reinstalling Outlook on Android.

If that doesn’t work, then so be it make sure you have enough storage spacemobile phone, because sometimes the displayed weight differs from the final weight after installation, so confirm that you have enough space.

Outlook closes itself in Android

Why does Outlook only close on Android?

Outlook is an application that requires the display of web content. I mean, that communicate via the internet With your account to display the information you need, we also have several tools on our mobile that make these types of applications run.

If a problem occurs, it is possible then the failure is due to these tools and not on request. To better describe this process, we present the possible causes in this article.

Problems with WebView

WebView, as it is called, suggests «Visit the Web.» It is a component of our Android phone to communicate applications with the internet. In other words, an application works in an online way. WebView will be its drivers.

If your Outlook app closes on its own, you may have problems with WebView, so go to the latest version of the Play Store and look in the apps already installed, there should be a update available for WebView. Continue downloading and voila, your Outlook error may already be resolved.

Update failed

When our application is updated alone or manually, an error may occur and then the application may close itself or no longer exist, this is due to several things, one of them is space. It’s saying that now Outlook is harder and needs more space to run.

Another reason is the version, although rare, your Android system may need one latest version to run Outlook App, because as the applications are updated, so must the system.

How do I fix WebView for Outlook to work?

If you already know what Android System Webview is, what its benefits are, you should know that it is very common to have the latest version installed on Android, because it updates automatically according to Play Store settings.

Outlook requires web viewing

Also, if the latest version is the one that gives the problem with Outlook, then the best thing is remove this update and return to the original version.

Uninstall WebView updates

It is not possible to uninstall the full WebView component, but if you may be able to restore it to the factory version. That is, uninstall any updates that were run from the beginning, for this:

  • Access your Android phone’s settings.
  • Then where it says «Applications»
  • Find the WebView app or, depending on your Android version, it also appears as «Android WebView System».
  • Click on it and you will notice the «Uninstall updates» option
  • Keep uninstalling them and see if you can open Outlook again.

How do I uninstall updates from Android?

Whatever application you install is available in the applications section, if you have ever updated, it will be visible from the same place. Then:

Go to Settings

It is very common to find this option with the icon of a gearYou can access it from the app drawer or, more easily, lower the notification window and you will see it in the left corner.

update webview and Outlook

Go to «Applications»

Then, depending on the version of Android you have, you will find «Applications» option either among the first options or from the last.

Select «View all apps»

In the same applications section you have to display the menu «See all applications”.

Click «Show system applications»

Depending on the Android system you have, you will only be able to see the applications by clicking on the «View all applications» option, otherwise you will have to click on «Show system applications«

When you see all the applications, you have to click on the one you want, and on the left you will find the option uninstall updates Likewise, if your issue is related to your Outlook account, then:

Search WebView

You can navigate between your applications to find WebViewOtherwise, type the name of this component in the search bar.

Click ‘Uninstall updates’

By clicking on it, you will see the option «Uninstall updates”When you click on it, you should know that WebView will revert to the version preinstalled with the system.