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Outlook How to share large files using Outlook – Tutorial and useful tips Outlook gives you its basic messaging services, in addition, its system …

Outlook How to share large files using Outlook - Tutorial and useful tips Outlook gives you its basic messaging services, in addition, its system ...

Outlook gives you its basic messaging services, in addition, its classification system, tags, even scheduled messages have allowed its messaging service to stand out. allows you to attach documents under extensions: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, among others. This possibility has facilitated the work of many professionals and students, as the possibility of transmitting these documents in a simple way is undoubtedly an advantage.

In order to send or attach any type of file you must be previously registered, once you comply, you can attach any kind of document, in fact you can upload them simultaneously, of course you need to consider its weight. Let’s explain why.

Why does Outlook prevent large documents from being sent?

Like any platform for transmitting documents or information, Outlook cares about quality as to how you will receive them, that’s why most virtual emails with this feature put these limitations, also consider that the harder the file, the bigger it would be internet speed requirement, so at the time of download may cause some inconvenience.

heavy files share perspectives

If you are wondering way to send your documents using OutlookEven if its weight is such that it does not allow you to attach the message directly, but rather gives you the ability to upload it to a cloud, it is alert, so you know that the weight level exceeds what is allowed on the page. This also usually happens with high quality images, when sending in large quantities can be complicated, so it is a good idea to consider this.

What is the weight limit that we can upload to Outlook files?

Compared to other emails, there are no major differences, so the standard maximum weight for attaching a file is 20 MB to 25 MB. If before reading us you did not know what is the capacity of Outlook, then find out that it is 20 MBHowever, it is not a limitation that you cannot cope with. There are several ways to attach these documents without having to modify or modify anything in the source file.

Given this situation described above, this portal not only improved the way it facilitates interaction with other applications, if you did not know that you can install add-ons and extensions for it. He also looked for a way to share files that exceed the limit which it has, so don’t worry.

To be able to share these documents, all you have to do is use one of the tools you’ll find later, locate the one that works best for you, and share the content calmly. It’s so simple, don’t get complicated and you can deliver any document on time, that’s why these options are widely used both workers and students:

Upload it to the cloud

This option tries to load the large file into a file network storage. As its name suggests, it is not a common file transfer, but uploading the file to the web in a generalized way, with the risk of losing the content forever, only if you are careless and do so. do not save the link to share with whom you are interested view the file.

share heavy cloud files

There are a variety of platforms that you are sure to know, among the best alternatives on the web are:

  • Dropbox
  • Google One
  • iCloud
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Amazon cloud
  • Mega

Compress the file

If you are about to send multiple documents by mail, but in the process of attaching them, you will receive an error message due to excessive weight, you have this option in your Microsoft system, the only thing is that it can be done in higher versions than the one at seven, in fact an advantage is that it can work regardless of whether it is a file folder or a single file. If you haven’t done so yet let us show you the steps:

  1. In documents, select the folder or, alternatively, the file
  2. Press the right button
  3. Where it comes out, send it, check the one corresponding to the file or the ZIP agreement

And voila, the new folder or compressed document will be right next to the original one. In fact, there is the possibility of reversing this compression.

Reduce the size

This option has the particularity of being used exclusively in images, so if your work has some or you want to send photos, but for the same reason it exceeds the Outlook limit when you attach it, you can share them using this method:

  • Enter your email address and attach the image
  • Once you see the file option, click the information
  • When you are in the image attachment selection, look to resize
  • You see that it marks the first option, this ensures that you change the larger ones
  • Accept and return to send the message successfully

share small and large file

Use SharePoint

Another recognized program, which targets the office environment, functions practically like a library, those who use it are responsible for assembling the documents to be shared within it, this generating a link, from which stakeholders must be clear for use. . As for the files, it allows you organize them and keep them safe. It is available for almost all systems with easy handling, there is no excuse not to share files with this option

How can I reduce the size of my file to share in Outlook?

If you still do not dare to use any of the above ways to share your file, let us tell you that you only have modify the original file or, otherwise, send it in parts, if they are individual images. If it is a document, maybe changing its structure a little, you will get it or you will look for the format that generates less weight, all in order not to become a big file.