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Outlook How to repair a .PST and .OST-Outlook data file Outlook has tools capable of creating a backup …

Outlook How to repair a .PST and .OST-Outlook data file Outlook has tools capable of creating a backup ...

Outlook has tools that can back up your mailed data and store it on your computer. One of the types of files we can find in this copy are .PST and .OST data files store messages and some items on your computer..

repair the Outlook data file

Note that data files are stored in certain accounts, POP accounts use the .PST data file, while Outlook 365, Exchange, IMAP, and Outlook accounts use the .OST file. These files in the save process may be defective and damaged, but fortunately they exist a way to repair them and thus recover the information, here, in this post, we will show you how the repair process is.

What does the Outlook e-mail repair tool work for?

One of the programs that Outlook gives you is the «E-mail Repair Tool» whose main function is to resolve issues that may arise with regard to personal data found in Outlook.

In what situations could the Repair Tool be used?

As already clarified, the use of this tool is important when repairing damaged files, being its much more accurate diagnosis that external repairers, in addition to solving all problems and not just the usual ones, will send you notifications about certain types of situations:

  • Outlook notifies you, it is impossible to open the data file
  • Outlook notifies you, it is impossible to open the folder set
  • Outlook notifies, the file may be corrupt

Outlook file repair tool

How to repair an Outlook data file? Step by step

At a time when Outlook notifies you that one of the files is failing and you want to repair it, the process is as follows:

Find some file locations and start opening SCANPST.EXE

To get the folder where the tool is located, you must:

  • We look for the Program Files folder on the disk (we can also find it with the file browser).
  • Select the Microsoft Office folder – Office 16, 15, 14 or 12

Click Browse and select the data file

We click Browse and look for the data file we want to examine or repair.

Select Start and repair if errors are found

When we press Start, the examination process will begin, if an analysis error is observed, press repair.

Start Outlook again with the new associated profile

Once the repair process is complete, we will connect to Outlook with the account associated with the data file.

What happens after a data file has been repaired?

After repairing a data file, the default program will create a folder called «Recovered Personal Folders» or «Lost and Found», which will contain recovered files that Outlook will not be able to place in their original structure.

Is it possible to create a new Outlook data file?

You will be able to create a new data file, where you can place the files and items found in the «Lost and Found» folder, the process of creating it is as follows:

create the Outlook data file

  • We enter the e-mail box in Outlook
  • We will select the New items option, we will click on More items and then on Outlook Files
  • Enter the desired file name, if you want to add a password, click on the «Add an optional password» option.
  • Click OK and you’re done, you’ll have a new data file. If you have created a password, it will ask you to write it down and confirm it before accepting it.

What can I do to recover deleted items from the backup?

By being able to open the original data file in Outlook, we will be able to recover the items that the repair tool made impossible. In repair it will be created a file as a backup that has the same name as the original file, with the difference that it will have the extension .bak, the recovery process is as follows:

  • We search the folder for the original .pst file and notice the backup file with the same name, but with the extension (for example, [email protected]).
  • We make a copy in the backup file, add the .pst extension to the name (for example, [email protected])
  • We import the file we just created into Outlook, we use the Import and Export wizard to import any additional recovered items found in the file we just created.

How do I find the location of my data files in Outlook?

If, at any time, we need a data file and do not know the name, the process for obtaining it is as follows:

  • We enter the configuration in Outlook
  • Press account – account settings
  • Click Data Files, all the files we have associated with your account will appear.