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Outlook How to change the default language in Outlook to switch from English to Spanish Changing the default language in Outlook to Spanish is a procedure …

Outlook How to change the default language in Outlook to switch from English to Spanish Changing the default language in Outlook to Spanish is a procedure ...

Changing the default language in Outlook to Spanish is a completely simple procedure. Many applications are coming default English one of them is Outlook, which comes in English even on its web page.

Users, in order to be more comfortable, seek to use all language platforms in their native language. For these reasons it is necessary learn how to change the default Outlook language and with this article we will develop this topic.

What are the benefits of Outlook Mail?

Outlook since its upgrade has been Google’s biggest rival for its Gmail ownership. And that’s it Microsoft had a competitor in Hotmail not very powerful and with few features that was completely overshadowed by Gmail.

guide for changing the default language in perspective

However, the change of name also meant a increasing its features and advantages for Microsoft Mail. In this regard, Outlook is now an excellent and very reliable messaging service for sending and receiving emails.

In addition, with Outlook a Skype account is included to be able to make video calls with your contacts. Also, the space for storing information has been greatly increased.

Outlook is very interactive because you can make custom changes to the platform screen. Besides the fact that it can be used on any device available on the market. An office automation package is offered for each person working with Outlook as well as a virtual calendar to save commitments.

Steps to change the default language in Outlook

Outlook often comes with the default language of the country of origin. I mean, it comes in American English from the United States. However, this does not usually happen all the time, as the platform detects when the user is not in the country by network and IP address.

However, we will explain how to do this Manually change the default Outlook language. This is if the page or application does not automatically change the language.

From a PC

When we are on a computer and we want to change the language of our Microsoft Outlook email we open the account first. Then we have to move where it says setting. It will be marked with a kind of nut as a symbol for identifying the button.

There are all the settings that Outlook allows you to make in an account, then you have to go where it says general. Later, we will enter the time and language section. In this section, country-specific changes and the time at which the email will be adjusted must be made.

Therefore, in the drop-down box must select the country whose language we want to set. In this case, we choose Spanish from Spain or one of its Latin American variants.

change the language in perspective

Then you have to change the time zone so that everything fits completely and there are no errors on the platform. Finally, you need to click the button to save the changes and use the email normally. For example, recovering deleted emails or reading a message.

In the mobile application

On the other hand, when we start Outlook mail in its mobile application, we can change the language from the beginning. In this case, we need to look when the account is created or when we have downloaded the application. When we create an Outlook account or email, we must first enter the data.

Then, the option to choose the language of the application will appear on the screen where it should search the country by language correspondent. Since we are Spanish speakers, we have to choose Spanish, unless we want to practice another language.

If we ignore this option at the beginning of the account creation or when the application is downloaded. There is yet another option to succeed change the language of our email account. Well, in the settings section, the application also offers the possibility to change the language whenever you want.

What to do if the folders are in another language?

Generally, when you open an Outlook account, the folders come in English. This should not alarm us because most of the words are in English simple and dealing with other social networks or internet services.

In this regard, the files will have words like spam whose significance should not be puzzles for users. But if you want to change the language, because you do not feel comfortable trying to decipher which folder is indicated to do the procedure explained above.

open Outlook mobile messages in Spanish

Therefore, with a simple change of language, it will be enough to make the folder names clearer. They can be too sort messages by custom folders to have everything better located in the email.

Contacting Outlook support is an option when we can’t find a solution to our email problems. This also serves for when we can’t find a way to change the language default in Outlook.

In this regard, Microsoft makes available to users, more phone numbers for questions. By calling one of the numbers we can contact an Outlook employee. There is a specific number for each country, so that each user can call with confidence and solve their problem.

Another solution to ask employees for help in this email is on the same platform. Then, Outlook has a help button so that people can solve problems faster.

To find it, you need to enter the email address of our property in the Outlook platform. Above where you can see the functions, to find one to help. Touching it lowers a bar in order to be able to write the concern or question we are trying to clarify.

Then, you have to wait for someone within the company to respond to the request for information to resolve the issue. Consider this the help button is not available in the application designed for mobile because it’s just a web feature.