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Outlook How do I turn off Outlook notifications? | The Outlook email account is an e-mail tool developed by Microsoft. This…

Outlook How do I turn off Outlook notifications?  |  The Outlook email account is an e-mail tool developed by Microsoft.  This…

Outlook is an e-mail tool developed by Microsoft. It makes people’s lives easier, it works as a personal diary and free e-mail. This wonderful application allows the communication of millions of people around the world, even instantly. Each time an email is received, a notification is triggered by default.

Sometimes, if the user receives a large number of messages per day, it can be a little awkward notification soundand you’ll prefer to turn off notifications.

How do I change settings to turn off web notifications?

Disabling Outlook notifications is fairly easy and fast. The user must search the Outlook browser for his website.

Log in to your email account

Then you need to sign in to your account, for this, you must enter your configured email address and password, then click «Login.»

Go to Settings

When opening the user account, the mailbox will appear together with the received emails. At the top right of the window, the «Settings» icon must be selected.

Select «View all settings»

When you select «Settings», a window with several options will be displayed. At the end of this list you need to click «View all settings».

Click «General»

An options window will automatically appear. The next step is to click on «General» in the first icon on the left side of the menu.

the phone rings with a new notification

Go to «Notifications»

Then you need to select «Notifications», which is in the third check box displayed in the menu after you click «General».

Disable or enable options to your liking.

After completing the above steps, the user will be able to configure their account notifications in Outlook as they please. However, if the user does not want to receive notifications of any kind, it is recommended uncheck the displayed options boxes in «Application Notifications».

You can do the same disable options in the «Desktop notifications» section, and click «Do nothing» in the «When a new chat arrives» and «When a received call arrives» boxes. Finally, you need to confirm that the action was performed correctly by clicking the appropriate icon and saving the changes.

How do I turn off app notifications on my computer?

Of course, many users get tired of receiving emails constantly and sometimes want to unsubscribe by ignoring them a bit. However, the application prevents you from losing any notifications while performing other tasks on your computer.

Select «Settings»

Disabling notifications from the application is very simple, the user must open the Outlook application from the computer. You need to click on the gear-shaped icon at the bottom left of the window.

Click notifications

Then a new options window will appear on the right, in the menu you have to click the «Notifications» box.

Click ‘Turn off notifications’

In the box that appears, you need to drag the button that appears under «Show notifications in task center» to turn off the option. These settings can be applied to all accounts associated with the application by checking the ‘Apply to all accounts’ box.

e-mail receiving new message

How do I set up notification sounds?

The uses of the application default notifications for notifications, either by receiving a new email or by an important notification of the request. So, depending on the user’s tastes, you may want to change them at some point.

Go to Outlook Preferences

There are Outlook options where you can configure certain features, such as background color and style, email signature, or sounds used. Once logged in, the user must go to the menu and tap the «Preferences» box.

Select «Sound set» under «Sounds»

Then the user has to click on «Personal settings» on the «Notifications and sounds» tab. Then other options will be displayed and you need to do this click «Sounds» and then the «Sound Set» menu.

Choose the sound you like

The last step to change the sound of the notifications is to select the preferred one for the user from the options. It is recommended to choose a pleasant shade and that you can easily remember to recognize from afar when you receive an email.