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Others How to track my MRW package – Tracking guide Indeed, travel and transport are one of the fundamental activities …

Others How to track my MRW package - Tracking guide Indeed, travel and transport are one of the fundamental activities ...

Indeed, travel and transportation are one of the fundamental activities in the economy of any nation. Whether for transfers of people, goods or services. In case of goods or items there are companies that are responsible for facilitation and channel these transfers through packages.

Among the companies with the longest experience in this activity, there is MRW, which has offered its services for many years, not only in Spain, but also crossed the continent and arrived in South America.

Why should we keep track of MRW orders?

Every time a package or order is sent, there is always an uncertainty of the issuer. Because it can generate some doubts, such as whether the sent thing will arrive correctly or if it will really arrive or get lost on the way. The latter is one of the worst conditions that should not occur. However, in order to relax the senders’ nerves, the package must be tracked from the time it is placed at the dispatch office until it reaches the receiving office.

This will reassure and reassure both users, that the package is in transition, perhaps through several places, until it reaches its final destination. In addition, you will know exactly when it finally arrives.

Why is it necessary to track MRW shipments?

It is not a difficult task, when the shipment of a package is normally processed in the reception office, they give a tracking number or a reference number.

follow a package

This number is personal, each shipment has its own tracking, which will be identified with a label, where there will be some data from both the receiver and the sender.

Methods for tracking an order in MRW

Once the package has been registered, it is left at the office and its tracking number is available, the reverse countdown begins. It is useful to know the location of your package by tracking.


Through a very short text message, you can know the location of the package. All you have to do is enter the MRW tracking number (space) and send it to 215039. It should be noted that the message will have an additional cost for basic income, and this number will only serve the region of Spain.

By email

For this you need to register in advance with the CRM mail function, In this way, everything related to the condition of the package will be sent to the e-mail.

Through the website

You must enter the official MRW website and, in the tracking part of the shipment, enter the shipment number.

With a phone

You can locate a package by calling 902 300 400, which is a direct line to MRW in Spain. This indicates the shipping number and the operator presenting you will tell you the location of the package.

What is the procedure for tracking our MRW package?

Normally, the procedure for tracking a package in MRW is to have the tracking number at hand first. Once you have obtained this number, you can enter the MRW homepage and enter the tracking number.

land means for parcels

If the package has already been shipped from the issuing office, it will be displayed in the information box right there on the web. As the package moves, the tracking system will update. And once it is ready to be withdrawn, it will show in its current state the office where it can be withdrawn and its availability.

What is the average time to reach an MRW order?

A package must be measured and weighed to know the cost charged for the order. From this, its dimensions will be known to decide whether to send it in land vehicles or whether it will need shipping. If it is a medium or small package, it can arrive in 2 days, even 1, if it is on land and there is a short distance between the city of dispatch and reception.

Now, if, on the contrary, the package is loaded big or heavy and is also sent by sea, it can take up to 10 working days.