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Others How to know how many visits a website has – Better tips and tools There are different tools that allow internet users to know …

Others How to know how many visits a website has - Better tips and tools There are different tools that allow internet users to know ...

There are various tools that allow Internet users know the number of visits a web page has, your creation or your brand competition The number of visits a website has and the number of pages displayed is known as website traffic and it is essential to estimate it.

Why is it important to know how many visits a website has?

The first steps for conducting an online business campaign is to advertise your account, to know the visitors, interests and times with the highest traffic. It is important to know how many visits a website has, to evaluate the interaction figures of the site. The number of visitors is known and the goal is to convert them into customers.

Quantifying the number of site visitors allows you to determine if your marketing strategies work, if not, you need to improve them to attract more visitors.

How do you measure website traffic?

For the creator of a website, it is possible to know the statistics of his website, which will allow him to develop strategies for his website. There are many web traffic measurement tools, which are available online or in mobile applications.

Although the data presented are approximate, they are quite accurate. They measure elements such as the number of visits in a given time, the geographical location of visitors, traffic channels, the most visited pages, among others.

Is it possible to see visits to a website without alternative tools?

The actual numbers of visits to a website are provided by the server. Google has provided owners with an easy and secure tool to use to get site statistics. Measuring the traffic of a website created by another owner is possible thanks to several free and easy to use tools.

applications for measuring statistics

What are the best tools to know the number of visits to a website?

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics, is one of the favorites of users to know the data of its website. A tool with a simple interface that provides the owner with accurate data. This tool provides its services for free and analyzes important data, such as the number of visits and sorts by days, weeks or months.

Similarly, it informs the user about the various sources of traffic, organic visits or visits coming from other sources; geographical location of visitors; The permanence of the visitors on the page and their interaction on it. If you want to know the visits of a foreign website, there are several tools. These will report approximate data that will serve as guidance.

Similar web

It is a free digital platform that allows control of web traffic, offers multiple benefits such as control and monitoring of websites. It offers users benefits such as knowing the total number of visits, graphical visualization of the evolution of traffic in recent months, average duration of visits, keywords that generate more interaction, among others.

Competitive research toolkit

SEMrush Competitive Research Toolkit, offers the user a complete analysis of up to 4 competitors simultaneous. Available for free and paid use. Analyze data such as visitors, session duration, traffic channels, rejection rate, subdomains, referral sites, and more.

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Sistrix differs from other tools in providing other services. Of these, they stand out, knowing the visibility index of a website and comparing it with others. These data are very representative for users who want to analyze the competition.


Analyze other people’s websites organically. It is a complete tool, with results quite close to reality. Not only does it reveal the traffic, but also the pages that generated the most visits to the competitor, because it allows you to quickly view the evolution of the website.

Site that deserves traffic

This is one of the simplest and easiest tools to use. Provides daily data about website visits and page views. Due to the variety of data provided by the various tools available for website analysis, it is recommended to combine at least 2 platforms to get more accurate results.