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Others How to fight mobile phone addiction – Causes and treatment Technological advances have contributed to the development of society. …

Others How to fight mobile phone addiction - Causes and treatment Technological advances have contributed to the development of society.  ...

Technological advances contributed to the development of society. Using the internet has allowed people to do an infinite number of things, such as looking for a job at Infojobs, for example, or meeting friends through social media.

The use of these technologies, especially mobile phones, has advanced so much that people can also flirt and have meetings through applications such as Match or other platforms that facilitate this process. However, the excessive use of these technologies can create addictions and serious problems in people. Read on and learn more about this important topic.

How can I identify cell phone addiction?

Although, having a mobile device today is extremely essential; It is no less true that there are big problems at the moment the person becomes addicted to his phone, this being a real addiction like alcohol or smoking.

Mobile device addiction can develop in a few months; that is, because the pleasure is immediate, being More vulnerable population of young people who always want to keep up with technology.

There are a few mark which can help you discern if there is indeed an addiction or an addiction to a mobile device; then we will tell you about some of them.

  • One of the first symptoms that can lead you to believe that you are addicted to a cell phone is that when you get up or go to bed, the first thing you do is look at the device.
  • Feeling restless when the phone is not nearbyIt is another common symptom and is that, for many people, it usually happens that, not having the phone at hand, they end up experiencing a feeling of panic; this being one of the main signs of addiction.
  • In the same way, you can identify the dependence of a mobile phone when compulsively, check for messages or callseven when we check the time at every moment.
  • Eat while using the device; you feel the need to use your mobile phone even when meeting friends; Delaying the day-to-day running of your activities (even when they are important), being aware of your cell phone, is another symptom that can help you identify your cell phone addiction.
  • Another symptom that serves as an identifier of mobile phone addiction is phantom vibration syndrome; This usually happens when you feel the phone vibrate, but when you check it, you find that there is nothing.

What are the main causes of mobile addiction?

Like all addictions, the addiction you have to a cell phone, almost always it is a consequence of a lived circumstance, something like a problem we find in the emotional part of the person.

This could be the case, for example, for people who have problems or difficulties communicating with others or who are going through a difficult time; certainly, these people are more likely to develop an addiction to a mobile device.

cell phone addiction in children

Teenager It can also be a cause of addiction, as it is a time when you are vulnerable due to the fact that the person’s personality develops.

Likewise, it is known that video games and social networking they are the ideal means that anyone uses to distract themselves, even to make a profit. However, often people create a dependency on your mobile device through these platforms to try to evade the reality they live, being easy to immerse yourself in other more pleasant realities that they will present to you.

What are the consequences of mobile phone addiction?

Like all addictions, excessive use of a device it can cause both physical and psychological consequences.

parents suffer from cell phone addiction

Regarding the physical consequences that can be triggered by addiction to a mobile phone, there are:

  • Visual tension; here you can find problems associated with vision especially in children, which tends to start with burning or itching, blurred vision, headache, among others.
  • Road accident; This is because many people believe that they can do several things at the same time, such as driving and using a mobile phone. This irresponsible action can be as dangerous as drinking alcohol and driving, endangering not only the driver but also others.
  • Neck problems; Here you can also find the well-known «Text Neck» disease, related to that sore throat that a person experiences when he constantly uses a mobile device.

use the phone sitting in the bathroom

Regarding the psychological consequences, there are a number of common complications that can occur in people who develop this pathology. These include:

  • High level of stress and anxiety; And it is the fact that, being constantly connected on social networks, creating an account on Twitter, Facebook, among others, can put an end to peace of mind by generating high levels of anxiety.
  • Loneliness and depression; Always using your mobile device creates a barrier between the person using it and the environment, thus preventing the creation of true connections. In the case of young people, through the excessive use of social networks, they can become compared to other people who follow their networks, which can cause great feelings of loneliness and sadness.
  • Sleep problems; The light emitted by these devices can change the circadian rhythm, resulting in difficulty being able to fall asleep or maintain it in the most appropriate way possible.
  • Loss of concentration; People with a serious addiction to mobile phones have serious problems concentrating on simple, everyday activities such as reading, studying or working and cannot be without their mobile phone, always feeling the need to look at it to be calm.
  • The presence of narcissistic behaviors; Using social networks and publishing everything that is done, receiving constant attention, can cause the person to focus too much on himself and can generate a misconception in his brain, in which he believes that his focus and time requires approval from part of your environment for everything.

girl using the phone before bed

How is the psychological treatment against mobile addiction performed?

The best treatment that a person addicted to mobile phones can have will be a specialized therapy, in which the patient can be helped to become aware of the addiction he suffers, this being the most important step of the whole process, since if the person does not accept that he is addicted, no positive results will be observed.

It is important to note that the therapy will not be intended to prohibit the use of the telephone; Rather, its purpose or purpose is to provide the patient with psychological resources and tools so that he or she can use the mobile device correctly.

Psychological treatment as such, it has several phases. In the first, an evaluation and diagnosis will be performed through an evaluation interview, as well as the corresponding functional analysis.

mobile phone addiction

Next, the specialist in the field will hold an individual meeting, accompanied by parents in the case of a relationship with a minor.

There is also the group meeting phase, where the specific abilities of the dependent person will be respected to be able to use them and thus find a way to create self-control over the use of the phone and thus solve the problems generated by addiction.

The last phase is simple prevention. This phase takes place through group sessions, where the patient will be able to identify the risks through a didactic-practical method or situations that may cause use excessive or excessive cell phone, being able to generate strategies to avoid this excessive use.

Steps to overcome

Although the psychological treatment for treating the problem of addiction to a mobile device is performed through phases previously structured by a specialist in the field, in this case a psychologist; The stages of overcoming this dependence will depend very much on the way in which the phases mentioned above are carried out.

It is true that in order to find an effective result for an addiction in general, the first thing a person needs to do in the first phase of treatment is accept that you suffer from it problem, which is called the Contemplation Stage. This is where the first stage of overcoming addiction begins; Because when he sees the person suffering from this disease and observes the consequences it has brought in his personal life, he will want by all possible means to obtain an optimal and effective solution to this problem.

use your mobile phone while driving

In the same way, the journey through the treatment phases translates into stages of improvement; and it is that, as the person participates in the mentioned therapies, he will find effective mechanisms, tools and methods that will contribute effectively to solving the problem of addiction. This stage is known as stage training.

Here, the addict of mobile devices begins to make small changes in daily life in order to be able to leave his addiction, thus producing a gradual decrease in excessive use of the device.

Then begins the stage of action or decision. Here the person begins to have major significant changes in the problem of addiction, generated by excessive use of the mobile device; tending to improve the anxiety and stress that your phone may not have nearby.

This stage is extremely important as the addict begins to find positive effects what they have behavior changes which you adopted during treatment.

For end of stage, it is considered that the addict is recovered, because he no longer has to return to the constant and excessive behavior of using the phone. He has internalized and learned those mechanisms, tools and practices that he has assimilated throughout treatment and is able to apply them successfully in his daily life.

How can we avoid phone addiction?

To conclude this article, it is essential to keep in mind these considerations that we will outline below to combat and avoid cell phone addiction.

  • Check how much time you spend on your phone; To do this, try to keep track of when you pick up your mobile phone and when you use it.
  • Turn off your phone or turn off notifications; It is often addictive to a mobile phone because notifications are heard and you can’t avoid checking it. Therefore, we recommend that you turn off those sounds and vibrations that send notifications from social networks or game apps.
  • When you go to bed, leave your mobile phone in airplane mode; with this you can have a pleasant rest at night without any interruption.
  • Try to organize your day with activities; such as sharing with friends or people in your social circle that you care about, reading, walking in the mountains or in the park, among others.