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Others How to easily and quickly know the serial number and model of your laptop Differentiating electronic equipment can be difficult if you do not have …

Others How to easily and quickly know the serial number and model of your laptop Differentiating electronic equipment can be difficult if you do not have ...

Differentiating electronic equipment can be difficult if they do not have the characteristic features that identify them. Fortunately, computers have a serial number that allows them to perform this task. A serial number can be defined as a code composed of numbers assigned by each party, at the time of its manufacture, with the intention of serving as registration of equipment identification.

What is the serial number of a computer for?

This code performs several functions, mainly for warranty purposes, and also serves as a reference for technical service, in case of repair or replacement of damaged parts. Similarly, the serial number is related to software updates.

Where is the model and serial number on a laptop?

It is usually found on stickers or written on one side of the equipment, however, there are other alternatives to find it.

In the packaging

This is one of the most common places where you can find the serial number. Something common is that it is labeled on a sticker Attached to the equipment box, otherwise it may appear in writing as a record by the manufacturer, usually next to the user manual.

On the back label

Given the importance of accessing this code quickly and easily, it has been established as a general rule that manufacturers must adhere equipment with this information on the equipment. It is usually located at the bottom of the laptop, so just turn it over to have this data.

Different ways to find your laptop information

If you do not have the information written or cannot be differentiated, there are alternatives to obtain this data from the system itselfWhether it’s a MacOS or a Windows operating system, you can get it from your computer, so the lack of code or a model written in physical form is not a problem.

Using CMD

An easy way to find information on your computer is through Prompt order, through a few commands. To get started, click the Start icon in the toolbar and type in the search bar «CMD», it is selected and a black background window with white letters will be displayed automatically.

In that box you have to type the following command «wmic bios get serialnumber», then press the «Enter» key and in a few seconds the serial number will be reflected. On the other hand, for know your laptop model, you need to activate the command in the same way, but enter «wmic csproduct get name, identificationnumber» and then press «Enter».

From system information

Another fairly easy way, without having to implement commands, is to use «System information‘. All you have to do is tap the Start icon on the toolbar, click «All Programs,» go to «Accessories,» and select «System Tools,» where you can access the information you want by digging a little.

With PowerShell

This method is similar, though PowerShell It is designed for more advanced use, full of commands and scripts that can be easily downloaded, it is a system console, so you will need codes to get the data you are looking for. It is written in the «Windows PowerShell» toolbar, when selecting a blue window, in which «gwimi win32_bios | in SerialNumber ‘, or’ Get-WmiObject win32_bios | Format-List SerialNumber ‘, and the serial number will appear.

laptop that requires the serial number

To obtain the model, the process is carried out in a similar way, but the codes to be entered are «Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem» and then press «Enter».

How can you get the serial number on MacOS?

Unlike Windows, macOS simplifies the process to get the code. All you have to do is tap the Apple icon at the top of the desktop, click «About this Mac,» find the serial number, and you can also view various computer data, such as the processor and specifications.