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Other How do I reset the Wyze camera at the factory? – Quick and easy guide Security cameras are tools that strengthen the protection …

Other How do I reset the Wyze camera at the factory?  - Quick and easy guide Security cameras are tools that strengthen the protection ...

Security cameras are tools that strengthen the protection of homes. The Wyze system has been gaining popularity lately because it is a functional and cheap equipment. It is a great advantage to have a team of these, because its high technology offers great benefits to its users, such as interconnection to smartphones, motion and sound sensor, two-way audio transmission, video storage in the cloud, among others.

This tool provides trust all its owners, so it is essential to be operational at any time of the day. To ensure that it is extremely important that homeowners and all members of the household know how to make adjustments, if necessary.

What should I do before I reset my Wyze camera?

One of the first checks to be made is the internet check, Wyze cameras have the peculiarity that it does not work with a 5G network, also Wi-Fi must work very well so that the camera can work properly. If the Wifi works well and the Wyze camera does not work optimally, it may be necessary reset to factory settings, which is not complicated and certainly requires little time.

However, before performing a camera reset, it is prudent to determine the cause of the problem, it may be a configuration error, which can be resolved by changing the settings.

If there is apparently no problem with your computer configuration, there may be an option reinstall the camera firmware. To do this, you need to enter the application associated with the device and authorize the firmware update. Similarly, a simple but useful tip is to try unplugging the camera, wait a few minutes, and plug it in again.

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If you follow the above steps did not solve the problems, it is certain that the solution will be reset at the factory. It is recommended to remove the SD card or memory from the camera, press the reset button for a few seconds, until the yellow LED lights are on.

How should I set up my Wyze camera for best performance?

After performing a factory reset of the camera, it is necessary to configure it from scratch, so it is an excellent opportunity to make the necessary adjustments that guarantee the optimal operation of the equipment. Obtain better camera performance it is essential to pair it with a smartphone or tablet by downloading the app for these devices in their specific stores. Because from the application you can make several settings, such as specifying the recording type, activating the microphones, among others.

Tips and tricks for better security of the Wyze camera

Technology is evolving day by day, and Wyze cameras are an example of this. However, like any other device that connects to the internet, it is susceptible to cyber attacks, so it is suggested to strengthen security.

Set up notifications to let you know who’s signed in

You may receive notifications associated with your account login, this is done by activating two-step verification. When this feature is activated, a text message with a code is sent to access the account. To perform this verification, the user must log in to the account, select «Security», click on «2-step verification» and finally activate «SMS verification».

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Download applications related to the camera

The camera firmware requires recurring updates that improve the performance of the Wyze camera, so the owner is advised to finally enter the site to find application updates tied to the room.

Set a password longer than 16 characters

Ideally, use a strong password to protect your account. To change the password, you must enter the account in the application, select «Security» and restore the password. It is suggested to avoid using codes of common use, old or that use personal information, such as names and data that can be obtained through social networks.

The new key to be considered secure must contain at least 16 characters, product of the combination of alphanumeric codes and, if possible, the use of uppercase, lowercase and special characters.