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Other Ergonomic and Wireless Vertical Mouse | Does it really work? For those who spend a …

Other Ergonomic and Wireless Vertical Mouse |  Does it really work?  For those who spend a ...

For those who spend more than 4 hours in front of a computer for work, fun or leisure, a number of physiological discomforts should not be missed, pain, cramps in the wrist or hand are commonly known. Even if you have some kind of fitness (carpal tunnel), but you need to stay with the computer, there is a way to reduce that discomfort, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, this is the wonderful thing about ergonomic technology.

The use of paid mice as we know the traditional ones may be without you realizing the reason for these discomforts, therefore one of the twists that left many with their mouths open were ergonomic mice in an upright position, has been the favorite of many PC players and workers, thanks to the appreciation of the wrist support, in addition to the degree of inclination, among other advantages.

However, constant development has allowed for your use these wireless mice, is that one of the constant recommendations of users was to improve the limitation in terms of cable they had, now not only will give you comfort, but will be more practical than ever, because its range will be about 4 meters by computer (this varies by model).

How does vertical mouse technology work?

Beginning in the 1990s, an idea emerged to make changes to traditional mice, which began with aesthetic reasons, combined with the need to generate comfort in accordance with our physiology. The most modern, I’m bringing a sensor instead of the well-known scroll wheel, did you know them? The new millennium has brought a increased accuracy, Bluetooth connectivity For the computer, this data channel can be used even in old speakers with the correct adapter.

What are the most remarkable features of these mice?

If we talk about the benefits that result from its use, we classify them in two.

According to research conducted by health area:

  • Improve your wrist posture by reducing aches and pains by 35%.
  • By tilting your forearm, you will forget about the persistent tension.
  • All those chances of suffering from carpal tunnel are greatly reduced.

However, as far as advantages of practical use:

  • Accuracy and stability will be present with greater efficiency.
  • Their high sensitivity will limit you from making unnecessary movements to scroll the screen (this can be changed in some models).
  • If you work with segmentation and contouring tasks, accuracy is guaranteed with these new models of ergonomic and wireless vertical mice.

the advantages use the ergonomic health of the mouse

Four times less unnecessary movement

This class of vertical mice has the ability to meet the requirements you have for them without major movements, this due to the considerable improvements of its sensor, allows a smoother ride, without so much forceAccording to studies, it reduces the amount of movement by 45%. Some even give you the ability to program your keys for optimal performance compared to others.

forcibly use the wireless mouse


Recommended use of ergonomic and wireless vertical mice for PC, offers us various ways to connectGiven that connectivity depends on the model you have decided to buy, we clarify that the types of wireless mice are currently classified in the technological world, depending on whether they are:

  • Radio frequency, ie you have to use a computer with USB port, if you have, but with humidity problems we will tell you how to solve it, usually this class of mice brings with it the USB connector, which will work as a kind of antenna in the computer , to capture the movement you make with the mouse.
  • With Bluetooth, it is necessary for your computer to be able to connect through this means, because it is programmed to work using this function, almost all computers have this tool, look in your specifications to see if it is convenient for you. to buy it.
  • Opticians, ie those who have fiber optics, will do all the work to transmit the movements of the mouse to the computer, they are usually one of the most accessible mice when it comes to costs and budgets.

Remember, not being based on a thread, you could use the same mouse on another computer, as long as they comply with the conditions of use of the cursor and its adaptability allows it, however, if you are a beginner with computers, it is recommended to use it individually. If you happen to be interested in finding out about storage devices on your computer, it’s not hard to know about them.

functional distance of the vertical mouse

Longer operating distance

If your priority is to find the ease of computer performance, in addition to the fact that you are tired of the limitation given by the cable to which mice are normally connected, let me tell you that using one of these mice, you will feel free and when using them you will give up a radius of 1.5 square meters. Of course, the most modern, gives you an operating range of up to 10 metersThis also varies if the mouse is optical, laser or other, interesting, right?

How good are these mice compared to wired ones?

Wired mice are in the fastest installation, also you should not know if the batteries are depleted or any other alternative power source also does not matter if you do not have Bluetooth, but compared to wired ones, This cable generates a certain limitation in use and, once it is damaged, as sometimes happens, a replacement must be sought; In the same way, the accuracy has been compared and decreases slightly compared to that of wireless.

What is the correct way to use it?

The correct use of this type of mouse depends on how you hold it, you must use your whole hand and not just your fingers as you are used to, as you used flat mice; firmly to avoid putting all the weight on your wrist. Alignment between wrist and arm They must be constantly linear, to take full advantage of its ergonomic use, otherwise it has no major complications, it is an ordinary mouse, but more adaptable to you.