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Oscars Ballot Predictor application for Excel 2013

Aplicación Oscars Ballot Predictor para Excel 2013 1

David Rothschild of Microsoft Research created Oscar voting predictor for Excel 2013 . We’ve already seen how he created and used a versatile data-driven model to predict this year’s Oscar winners. Based on prediction modeling, Microsoft has made the application available for download.

This interactive app allows you to view Oscar nominations, vote for your selections, and view the predicted winners in each of the 24 categories. Your selections are recorded on a printable ballot paper that you can take to your Oscar party to compare with your friends’ choices and see how your odds are accumulating.

The Oscar Predictor presents the following three worksheets:

  1. Worksheet Oscars shows the categories with each nominee represented by a star

  2. Worksheet of the ballot paper displays your selections in red and potential winners in black

  3. .

  4. Worksheet data shows the percentage probability of winning for each candidate.

The new Oscars Ballot Predictor app is trying to bring Hollywood fun to Excel 2013. You can download it from the Office App Store.

The Microsoft Office application store is a place you can visit to find more applications for Word, Outlook, Project, SharePoint, Excel, and Word 2013. These applications can add more functionality to your programs and, as a result, you can make your work easier, increase your productivity and help you have fun with Office 2013 in the process.

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