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Operating Systems How to Save Clipboard Images as JPG or PNG Files – Complete Guide When you have a clipboard image you need to add it to …

Operating Systems How to Save Clipboard Images as JPG or PNG Files - Complete Guide When you have a clipboard image you need to add it to ...

Having an image on the clipboard you need to add it to a drawing program and so you can save it in JPG or PNG format according to your needs, otherwise it will not be available in a valid format.

The clipboard is a tool used by operating systems to save the information temporarily. For example, when you take a screenshot on your computer, it will be saved in the clipboard until it is used, if you turn off the computer, it will be deleted automatically.

Each operating system brings with it drawing tools. For example, in Windows you can find Paint. What is a basic program with which you can create, color and edit images.

Then you have the Paint option to save the clipboard images and of course also you can use third party programs with more professional features like Photoshop.

Methods for saving clipboard images in Windows

There is only one method of saving clipboard images in Windows. That is, by obligation a tool or program must be used. The Windows 10 operating system comes with these two features:

With cutting tools

This is a tool that comes with Windows 10, to use it you must type «Cutting Tools» into your search engine Cortana or home search engine. You should know that there are no keyboard shortcuts to open it directly, another method is to follow the path Start – Accessories and Windows – «Cutting Tools»:

  • Then you need to open the cutting tool and take a screenshot with it
  • By clicking «New», the screenshot will be taken and displayed in a preview window
  • Click «File» and then «Save As»
  • Select the location where the capture will be saved
  • Click «OK» and your capture will be saved to your PNG location

3D paint

Paint 3D is a program that has integrated Windows 10. Unlike the cutting tool, with Paint 3D you can add more customizations to your capturesand even choose different formats when saving it. Then:

  • Take the screenshot and keep it on the clipboard
  • Open Paint 3D
  • Click «Edit», then «Insert» or use the «Ctrl + V» shortcut, your capture will be pasted onto the program canvas.
  • Go to the «File» option and then in «Save As», you will have the option to choose PNG or JPG format and even more
  • Choose a name for the capture image
  • Select the location where you want to save it
  • Click OK and you’re done.

Will be save the capture in the desired format without worrying about losing it because it’s on the clipboard.

use the drawing program in the screenshot

How do I save clipboard images if I have a Mac?

On the Mac operating system there is the «Preview» application, which is not only a viewer, but also an editor and image creator. Then:

  • Copy the image or press the «Shift + Command + 4» shortcut
  • Open the «Preview» application.
  • Go to «New» and then to «File» and finally to «New from Clipboard».
  • Then back to the «File» option, but this time in «Save».
  • Choose the desired format from the available ones, be it PNG, JPG or others.
  • Click «OK» and you’re done.

Operating system Mac does not have a program like Windows Paint 3D, but with the «Preview» component you can activate and access the clipboard and, of course, you can perform similar functions.

What is the procedure for saving a clipboard image with a Linux computer?

Linux is the operating system with the simplest method save clipboard images, because if a user does not have any program to do so, he can simply perform this procedure with a command. Then:

  • Locate the image you want to save.
  • Press the Alt + Print key combination and your capture will be saved as an image in the «Pictures» folder.

It is important to know that this method works for Ubuntu version, 17.10 or higher, otherwise you must:

  • Locate the image you want to save
  • Click on it and copy it.
  • In the launch terminal, run the command «$ xclip-clipboard selection -t image / png -o> /tmp/nameofyourfile.png» and you’re done.

You will be able to see the image saved in the «tmp» folder. You should know that the files in this folder are temporary and can be deleted after restarting the computer.

paint windows and 3d component paint

External tools for saving clipboard images to your computer

Besides all the tools and programs that operating systems bring as well you can use external applications to save your screenshots. Between them:

Insert in file

It is an open source program available for various operating systems, in you can paste an image of your portals and save in one of its available formats, of course, has the most common, such as JPG or PNG format.

Paint the traditional version

By this time you should already know how to take a screenshot on your computer, then Windows brings the Paint tool with the first version:

  • Open the Paint tool.
  • Insert the screenshot.
  • Click «File» and then «Save As»
  • Choose a format to save your image.
  • Enter a name and select the location.
  • Click accept and you’re done.

When you paste the capture into the program interface, you can also add text, colors, and a large number of features before saving.