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OpenOffice How do I uninstall OpenOffice in Windows 10? – Step-by-Step Guide For some reason, any computer with Windows 10 installed has …

OpenOffice How do I uninstall OpenOffice in Windows 10?  - Step-by-Step Guide For some reason, any computer with Windows 10 installed has ...

For some reason, any computer with Windows 10 installed has difficulty uninstalling a program. Just like when you want to uninstall Google Chrome on your computer, the same thing can happen when you want uninstall OpenOffice in Windows 10. The good news is that this problem has a solution and we will explain it in this article.

How to remove programs from Windows 10?

Windows 10 will have its flaws, but despite this, it offers them to all its users different methods of solving these problems. In the case of permanent uninstallation of Windows 10 programs, the exact same thing happens. Among the alternatives you have are the following:

Search home

Right next to the Windows button is a kind of magnifying glass. When you select it, a kind of small window appears in which you can perform a specialized search. In your case, you must write openoffice and wait for the system to give you different results.

open the office in Windows 10

This will most likely show you file that works as a setting or you will simply have an icon that, when selected, will run the program. Instead of left-clicking on it, you should right-click. A number of options will be displayed automatically, you have two options to choose from:

  1. Opens the location of the file
  2. Uninstall the program

Either option will help you try to delete the program. If you are a user with little knowledge, it is best to opt for the second option. You just have to follow instructions as the same Windows wizard It will prompt you and in this way, uninstall the program without any problems.


It is the most common option we use version after version. That’s what it takes use the control panel. Accessing it is quite easy and you have several ways, including:

  1. Tap Windows> settings> then apps and apps and features. Here you will find the list of installed applications, choose your favorite one and continue with the uninstallation.
  2. To access the control panel, you can activate the taskbar and from the search engine you have, type Control Panel and open its window. Then go to Uninstall programs and find the program you want to delete.

Uninstall OpenOffice

Uninstalling OpenOffice does not require much knowledgeIn general, once all the programs are installed, they bring with them a file called Unistall. Just look for it in your computer’s storage space. Before performing this tutorial, we recommend that you use all the RAM installed on your PC for the procedure to run quickly.

steps to uninstall openoffice

To find it, you have several options which are:

  1. Locate the shortcut on your desktop and right click on it. Then you will select Open location in folder and wait for a new window to open. Find the Unistall file, run it, and you’re done.
  2. The other option is to go to the Windows menu and select All applications. Search for the name of your program by letter Or select the folder and there you should see the same file to uninstall the program.

What is the classic method of uninstalling OpenOffice?

These are practically all the methods I mentioned earlier. Of course, when you uninstall this program, you may remove the Windows startup password or otherwise the system will not allow you to continue with the uninstall.

Control panel

It’s the classic method that no matter what version of Windows you have, it will be exactly the same, except for the differences in the interface.

How can I easily uninstall openoffice


Are programs such as CCleanner which allow you to delete all the data of a desired program. They are generally used as an alternative method if a program cannot be removed by the previous method.

Programs and features

The same programs also have a file that allows you to uninstall a program when you no longer want it on your computer. You can find it in from the local unit where it was installed.

Remove Open Office

If none of the options were useful to you, we recommend that you seek professional help or, if you prefer, you can find a specific program that will allow you completely remove this software of your system forever.