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Open the Applock lock

abrir cerradura applock

Applock lock is the application of a digital lock, which allows you to block access to certain applications on an Android device.

A perfect tool to keep your smartphone safe and that only you have the key to access an app or file that you don’t want someone else to see. Therefore, it is a digital lock, away from the locking cylinders of the car.

open the applock lockOpen the Applock lock

In short Applock is a lock for mobile phone applications, functions or files, something similar to placing locks with locks in each of the rooms of the house.

And in this article we will show you how to open Applock Lock in an easy way, but first we need to know a little about it Lock for mobile phones.

how to open the applock lockHow to open the Applock lock

The best of Applock, is that it can be hidden inside the smartphone with the apps in it and no one will know about the app or be able to open the Applock lock.

So if you want to hide some private photos, a video, screenshots of your ex, Applock is best. smartphone lock, as if you had an invisible lock in each application.

How to download and install Applock Lock

Before we show you how to open Applock Lock, we’ll show you how to download it to your Android device, so pay attention step by step.

  • The first thing you should do is access Google Play.
  • Search Applock lock on Google Play and choose the app that has a thumbnail safe with a few icons inside.
  • Click the Install button, wait for it to be downloaded to your device, and accept the terms so that the app has full access to your mobile and you can enjoy all the features.
lock applockApplock lock
  • After installing the Applock lock, open it, there it will ask you to enter a template, it may be one you are already using, an easy one or place a more complicated one, but write it down because you have to remember it to use the app .
  • After placing the pattern, it will ask you to enter a confirmation email, it must be an email account that you use, because if you forget your password or unlock the template. You can regain access to the Applock lock through that email.
  • After the installation is complete Applock lock, is now ready to use and hide files and applications.

Features that your mobile phone must have in order to use the lock device

Next, we’ll show you what features your mobile phone should have if you want install Applock Lock and enjoy all the features that this app has.

The application has a very small size, only 8.1 MB, so don’t worry about the storage space of your smartphone.

application blocking applicationApplication for blocking applications

Applock lock requires at least Android 4.0, so you shouldn’t have any problems with this, as most current smartphones have Android 7 or 8 or later.

Something you should keep in mind if your Android device has an operating system smaller than Android 6.0, you will not be able to use fingerprint unlockbecause this feature is only available in Android 6.0 and later.

Is Applock a good option to hide and block apps?

This is a question that many often ask, and the truth is that Applock Lock is a very complete application to save, hide and block applications that only we want to have access to.

application lockApplication lock

It has a free version and, like any free application, it shows advertising, but if you want to enjoy the application without any interruption, it is best to buy the premium version of the Lock device.

How to open hidden application lock

Something that happens quite often is that in order to have their photos, private chats and others secretly, they hide the Applock Lock app, and when they want to access the gallery or other app, they are afraid of not deleting all the files.

password for applicationsApplication password

However, here we will show you everything about this application and how open the Applock lock hidden in the mobile.

Open the hidden application on the keyboard

One of the easiest ways to open the hidden numeric keypad lock use the specified keyboard and type the command * # * # 12345 # * # *Yes, although it seems a bit complicated, just remember that * # * # and then the numbers from one to five ending with # * # *.

If it seems difficult, you can write it in a sketch or a note on the same smartphone, after all, no one else will know why you have these numbers there.

Open the hidden application lock in the browser

Another way to opens the hidden Applock lock in the browser Use any of the links we leave you below:

Just by placing any of the links in the browser and uploading it, the hidden application will open automatically.

Open the hidden application lock in the gallery

From the gallery you can also open the hidden Applock, here we show you how you can find it with just a few simple steps.

You must first open the gallery.

Select any image and tap Share.

In the Sharing area you just need to search for the application Applock lock and that’s it.


The truth is that a very easy way to find and open the application if you have it in hidden mode.

Open the hidden application in Widgets

Another simple way to Applock lock opening is through Widgets.

To do this, you need to access the home screen.

Keep the screen pressed until the options appear, go to the Widgets option.

Once in Widgets, you should search as follows: Open AppLock and voila, you will find the application without major inconveniences.

To end

Applock Lock is a very powerful app, and we, who specialize in locks, want each of your things to be safe, from home to your mobile apps.

For this reason, we recommend Applock Lock, an app for your Android mobile phone where you can enjoy the security of your smartphone without worrying about who took your mobile phone to browse, view your photos, or who borrowed it to take a selfie and you accidentally end up opening the chat you have with the girl you meet.