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One or more network protocols are missing on this computer.

Faltan uno o más protocolos de red en este ordenador. 2

Network protocols are a set of rules or standards used by Windows to communicate over the Internet. They make sure that the data is sent correctly between the computers, but if any of the data is missing Network protocols into the Windows 10 , things are going wrong. You may not be able to browse the internet, share files. If the word protocol is still unclear, some examples are TCP, LLDP, etc.

One or more network protocols are missing on this computer

If, after running the Inbound Connection Troubleshooting Tool, you receive a «Missing Network Protocol» message, here is a list of troubleshooting tips that you can use. You will need administrator privileges to run the commands.

1]Run the network troubleshooting tools

Windows 10 has several network troubleshooters that solve most network problems. Check to see if running any other troubleshooting tool helps you fix the problem.

2]Reinstall the network adapter and reset the network component

Sometimes corrupt drivers cause problems, and the best way to go is to reinstall the network adapter. Open Device Manager, find the adapter, and follow the instructions to reinstall and reset the network adapters.

3]Diagnose the network adapter

Go to Control Panel> All Control Panel Items> Network Connections and find the network adapter that might be causing the problem. If you’re using WiFi, this is your WiFi adapter or your Ethernet adapter. Right-click and select Diagnostics to fix the problem.

4]Reset Winsock and TCP / IP

Windows Sockets or Winsock is like an outlet that was originally designed to add IPv4 support to Windows. Later, it evolved to support more protocols. It is possible to restart Winsock with the following command «netsh winsock reset». Open the command prompt with administrator privileges, and then run the command.

You may want to reset TCP / IP.

5]Import Winsock settings from another computer

One or more network protocols are missing on this computer.  2

If the Winsock restart attempt does not work, you can import the settings from a computer without network protocol errors. To do this, you will need to access the registry and then export and import some settings. So make sure you know how to manage the registry.

Scribe regedit at the command prompt and press Enter.

In the registry hive, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services

Look for two keys (show as folders) with the name Winsock Yes Winsock2. Right-click on each of them and select Export.

Copy the registry keys to a USB drive. Then copy the keys to the computer where the network protocol problem exists.

Now double click on each of them and it will install the WINSOCK keys.

We also recommend that you consult detailed guide troubleshooting network problems in Windows 10. It has a list of all possible commands that you can use to troubleshoot network problems in Windows 10.

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