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Old keys

llaves antiguas

The keys can be a valuable collections, if you want to learn more about old keys this entry is for you.

The keys also have their history

Keys are those tools we use every day, almost without thinking too much about them. With them we open the doors of houses, rooms, offices, workplaces. If what you are looking for is to open a locked door without a key, we have an article in which we develop how to do it.

You may think that keys are a recent invention, and if this is your case, then you may be surprised to learn that the keys are quite old. We warn you that these keys will not be used to open an applock.

old keysOld keys

There is evidence that in ancient Assyria they used locks and an ancient form of key.

It is old key later it will be used by the Egyptians to develop their mechanism with wooden screws.

Although all this happened thousands of years ago, he is credited with inventing it the key of Theodore of Samos, who was a Greek inventor who lived in the 7th or 6th centuries BC.

The old classic keys

There are passionate key collectors, people looking for shopping stores, markets and online auctions for antique keys.

But not just any key. The key that interests collectors is classic type key.

What are the ancient keys that collectors are looking for?

Antique collector’s keys are almost always the ones that look like one the key to the skeleton.

These keys are made of a single piece of metal, iron or bronze, although there are others of less common metals.

ancient light keys

They are characterized by the fact that they have a more or less cylindrical shape and a tip with a simple cutting notch that made the locking piston give way.

medal or head of ancient keys, which is the handle or section in which they are handled, unlike modern keys were not flat.

Rather, they looked like a ring or hammer, and this hole was almost always used to pass a rope to keep the key safe.

In fact, in ancient Rome, the richest had their valuables closed and used to carry the keys with them, as if they were rings.

old door keysOld door keys

This practice of behavior keys like rings it was also a way to demonstrate status and wealth.

Maybe that’s why the old keys had some very ornamental and aesthetic patterns.

Currently, these keys are not used to demonstrate the status, let’s look at the current uses of these old tools.

Using old keys today

old keys, nowadays, do not perform any utilitarian function, no one will open a door or a lock or a padlock with them, for this reason they are ornamental and collectible objects.

ancient sea keysLarge ancient keys

Vintage keys are used for:

  • Collect them.
  • Use them as decorative element, which can give a rustic or sophisticated note to a certain area of ​​a room.

  • Load them as earrings or sayings.

  • Gifts or

But other than that, Ancient keys are used to decorate wedding gifts or commitments.

Even the bride and groom use them as a decorative piece attached to the text of wedding vows.

change the old taps

Due to the popularization of models and styles as well steampunk, which have an aged aesthetic, where rustic accessories and metal parts are used, the old keys have become highly desirable objects.

There are those who even talk about using ancient keys as a charm.

Where can you get the old keys?

These keys are available at second hand stores, sale of garages, demolition, ruins of some buildings.

It is also possible to find old keys in abandoned spaces, especially those with many locks such as old hotels, schools or hospitals.

old iron keysOld iron keys

There are many offers on the web related to old keys.

Some keys are offered even with the padlock, these offers are rarer, but are twice as attractive because there are two valuable pieces.

A old padlock Gain a higher value if it is accompanied by your key. In portals such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and MercadoLibre you can get such keys. Some are nothing more than recently made keys, which seek to imitate the style and details of ancient keys.

pictures of old keysPictures with old keys

These are made using modern casting techniques. There are even people who sell them classic batch keys.

In these cases, it is bare body braces, and often have the pallets intact.

Which means they’re empty keys, what a virgin, which were never notched.

The most expensive and prized keys are those with interesting ornaments and patterns.

drawings of old keys

Who made keys in ancient times?

Those in charge of making the keys have always been locksmiths.

The first locksmiths, those who made old keys, worked by melting the metal and casting it into clay shapes to create different patterns.

decorating ancient keys

locksmith in ancient timesEspecially when it came to creating keys, it was closest to an art form, similar to goldsmithing and jewelry.

This is why some old keys can be so valuable.

How do you know if a key is really old?

Given that a market for such keys has been created in the market, if you are interested in the subject of old keys, you should know the following information:

  • If you are going to buy one internet key at auction and you are not sure if it is an old key or a replica, you should know that there is no way to verify the authenticity of the key if you do not have contact with it.
  • Even feeling the key, it is quite difficult to know if it is really an old piece or a copy, if the appropriate tests are not applied.
  • The easiest way is to carry the key with a expert ancient evaluator.
  • Don’t bid or buy anything if you’re not sure, especially if it’s a lot of money.
  • If you want to buy the key, then you have to take the risk and know that there is a possibility that this is a scam.