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OK Google How to delete everything Google records and stores about me – Step-by-Step Guide Getting Started with Virtual Assistant Operating Systems and …

OK Google How to delete everything Google records and stores about me - Step-by-Step Guide Getting Started with Virtual Assistant Operating Systems and ...

The introduction of virtual assistants into operating systems and their intelligent response has left more than one fascinated.

Google Assistant, allows us to find out and do an endless number of things through voice commands such as asking you to tell us a joke, among other things. Recording in the same way, voice and audio inputs to improve voice recognition in the system.

If when using your Google Account, the platform asked you to say «Ok, Google» or you tapped the microphone icon at some point, keep reading this article and learn a little more about this interesting topic.

What are Google records for its users?

If you have a Google Account, it’s very possible to get an audio recording on Android. You wonder why this is. Well, as you already know, this platform has a detailed record of all the activities you perform on your device., from search history on a website or application to location history, YouTube, phone information, and more.

delete what Google records about me

It is very likely that you have given tacit consent for these types of registrations to be registered and when you accept the terms and conditions that Google presents to you when you create an account.

Google has an article with «Voice and audio activity»; When enabled, allow Google to save voice recordings and other audio.

But maybe you’re thinking and wondering, what is the purpose of Google when making these records? In answering this question, there are two main reasons:

Improve your experience

One of the main goals of Google is to be at the forefront and pace of what the world market presents every day.

When you make these audio recordings, The Google platform enhances audio recognition technologies and, in turn, develops services that use it, such as the Google Assistant. These enhancements can be sent to Google even without audio recordings. For example, if you enable the «Improve Gboard» setting, recognition for all users can be improved without sending what you say to the server.

use google assistant on your phone

Similarly, to enhance your experience, these audio recordings allows your voice to be better recognized over time; An example of this is those devices that have the Voice Match feature enabled; Every time you say «Hey Google», it improves your voice recognition in the system.

Audio testing with devices

In turn, audio recordings allow Google to better understand what people are telling you.

There are reviewers behind the entire operating system who are very prepared to analyze a percentage of the audio samples that the device selects, doing tests through a difficult task of listening, annotating and transcribing audio samples.

Despite the above, Google has always made it clear that it takes special measures to protect the privacy of its users, as evidenced by the fact that before trained reviewers have access to audio, they are dissociated from the account of the people from where the Audio sent come from.

virtual assistants

Where can I find the sound stored by Google about me?

As I pointed out earlier, Google has a record of all your audio. To find them, you need to do the following:

  1. Log in to your Google Account,
  2. In the navigation section on the left side of the screen, click «Data and personalization»
  3. Then click «Web activity and application» in the «Activity controls» panel.
  4. Click the «Manage task» section.
  5. A pop-up window will appear in which you can read the «Play Recording» option.
  6. Click «Details» next to the audio symbol.
  7. Finally, select «View recording» and then «Play».

If when selecting a record, see «Transcript not available», a lot of background noise may have been recorded at the time of recording.

Depending on your device’s configuration options, some records may still be saved to your device. An example of this is when you enable Voice Match, with which audio recordings will be saved on your device for the sole purpose of recognizing your voice.

google assistant application

How do I permanently delete my sound on Google?

While Google may have a detailed log of your audio, it is possible to deactivate the voice assistant command «Ok Google» or to delete those recordings that are recorded, either suddenly or separately. If this is your case, follow the steps below:

  1. To get started, sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Click «Data and Personalization» in the left pane.
  3. Go to the «Voice and Audio Activity» section and click on it.
  4. Go to the «Manage activity» section, where you will have access to voice recordings organized by date.
  5. Click the «More» menu for each snippet and then «Delete.»

If you want to delete all records at once:

  1. Click the «More» menu and then «Delete task after.»
  2. In «Delete by date», click «Since when is it always» and click «Delete».

If you want to delete records from an Android:

  1. Go to the «Settings» section and open it, then click «Google».
  2. Then click ‘Google Account’ and go to ‘Data and Personalization.’
  3. Click ‘My business’ and then ‘Filter by date and product’. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to delete all or part of your audio recordings.

How can I prevent Google from registering me again in the future?

Although Google Assistant is a useful tool, it uses the microphone and listens to your conversations constantly. If you want to prevent this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings’.
  2. Go to Google.
  3. Enter the search option.
  4. Click «Voice.»
  5. Select the «Voice Recognition» option or button from there.
  6. Finally, turn off the «Ok Google» option.