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Office applications How to log in or log in to the Office 365 portal with my institutional email address – Helpful Guide

Office applications How to log in or log in to the Office 365 portal with my institutional email address - Helpful Guide

In recent years, the Office document system has been a tool that makes it completely easier for us office work life and student tasks of any kind, functions such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets are very useful when we do our job.

Tools like One Drive are very handy when working from home or in an office away from the main one, as they allow you to share files in the cloud on your computer, only with the Microsoft Office 365 license enabled.

What is the Office 365 portal?

If we add up all the functions it gives us the default Office program, and we put them together with cloud, the system that allows us to store information in an online account and then access and manipulate it directly on the web, we get Office 365.

A tool that allows us access all functions conventional Office and then store it in your One Drive account and you can edit it from any device that has an internet connection.

Adding utilities such as video conferencing, calendars, and the ability to share documents and interact directly with other devices, Office 365 is a tool that has been a favorite for companies in recent years because it allows maintain greater control over activities of your employees because it has the capacity to attach files up to 25 MB.

Office offers the usefulness of its tools completely free on a personal level with 5 GB of storage and applications that can only be used online. Over the years, the licenses and applications you can use in Office 365 have varied depending on the package you want to hire, and the price also varies:

  • Home office and students 2016: single payment of 149 euros.
  • Home office: 99 euros per year
  • Personal Office: 69 euros per year

In turn, there are other packages designed to interact with companies, with the variant of storage capacity, since then the minimum at enterprise level is 1Tb, and the prices are for each active user in the package, such as:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials: 4.20 euros per month per user
  • Office 365 Business Premium: 10.50 euros per month per user
  • Office 365 Business: 8.80 euros per month per active user.

Most packages have basic desktop functions brought by your computer, Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, etc.

But you can check the specifications and prices in your local currency on the official Office page. And if none of the above convinces you at all, it is possible to get the usual license from 149 euros, such as single subscription payment and with its most used functions.

How do I connect to Office 365 from my device?

Entering your Office account from any computer is very simple, you just need to be in front of the computer and have a stable Wi-Fi connection, to subsequently perform the following series of steps:

the office session begins

  1. Log in to the Office portal in browser bar
  2. Select the option «Login»
  3. And there will be displayed the window where you have to enter e-mail and the default password.
  4. Later, the page will ask you if you want to «Keep me signed in«And if you activate it, you will no longer have to perform this procedure.
  5. Once all this is done, you are already inside and can interact with your documents. saved and shared.

I forgot my password to access Office, what can I do?

If you were given the opportunity, you would get to You forgot your password of office, it is possible to recover it from the comfort of your computer. All you have to do is enter the portal where you usually access your account and click on the option that says “Forgot your password?

Make the captcha you are asked for and then request it I send you verification code on your mobile phone, after you receive it, you can enter it on your computer and then change your password. Make sure it’s a series of numbers that you can remember the next time you want to sign in to your account.