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Office applications How to create multiple queries on multi-access tables – in a few steps

Office applications How to create multiple queries on multi-access tables - in a few steps

To find out how, we want to give you the best information so you can know excuse me use Access correctly. If you want to create a query table for your business, Access is without a doubt the best option.

Nowadays Microsoft gives us big profitsFrom the ability to create an account in One Drive, to creating a query table, but to know how to create multiple queries in different Access tables, we will first explain what Access is and the difference between this software and Excel .

What is Access? What it consists of and how to use it

The best definition of access is that is a software through which you can work to better control a company or enterprise.

Microsoft Access is about being able to to provide a better organization of work, in the field of finance, accounting, inventory or statistics of a company. For this reason, it has taken an excellent position in large companies.

To use Access, you need to be able to log into Microsoft and choose if you want to test the software or if you want to buy, there are four options, it can be tested for home or business and can be purchased for home or business.

Once you have the software, use it it consists in writing the data in an orderly manner In the rows and columns that appear in Access, that data will be handled as needed with the tools that appear at the top of the rows and columns.

The difference between Access and Excel

Displaying the differences between these two Microsoft software is very important and timely for many users you have the idea that Access and Excel have the same utility and its operation is the same.

It happens that the differences between Apple and Google, which are very visible differences, but what is the difference between Access and Excel? That, despite the fact that both programs are characterized by their rows and columns, one will be used to calculate and the other to create.

While with Excel, they are calculated mathematical exercises very punctually, with Access you can create applications to keep a detailed control of the business or work managed.

Steps to learn how to create multiple queries on multiple access tables

We know what you want the most learn how to use Access to give it the right use and create multiple types of queries in multiple tables, but with good use of Access, you’ll even be able to create a good portfolio with Google Sites.

Steps to create a table in Access

Before you can create the table for multiple queries, you must be able to create a table. The first thing you need to do is start the software, then you have to look for the option where it says «File», once you click where it says file, you will get the option where you will find the word «New».

excel logo and access differences

After selecting the option that says «New,» go to the part that says «Database,» but select the one that says «Empty office».

You will get the alternative to create a name for the file, you need to name it according to what you want to do and then click where it says «Create» and start using the table.

Steps to create multiple queries on multiple tables

The idea of ​​creating more queries is to be able to connect the tables you have already preparedAs you already know the steps to create a table, now you just need to link them.

You need to open the table where you want to link the other table. Go to the option where it says «Create» and then select where it says «Consultation expert», Look for the option where the word «Simple» appears, there you will see the display option and select the table to link.

Once the table to be connected is selected in the available field part, the original table remains and in the selected field part, the linked table remains so that you can click on the next one and you can select what you want to do Enter the multiple query to complete.