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Oculus for business follows the same terrain as HTC Vive

Oculus for business follows the same terrain as HTC Vive

Like HTC Vive before, Oculus realized that the big money for VR is working with companies, not consumers. So, to that end, Oculus has launched a new «Oculus for Business» initiative at Oculus Connect this year.

Designed to appeal to Walmart and Deloitte, Oculus For Business is a package that does not look like the Business edition of HTC Vive . For $ 900 or 685.62 GBP quite reasonable and strangely specific , a company receives everything it needs for virtual reality on a room scale, along with enterprise-level guarantees, a commercial license virtual reality and a dedicated customer service channel.

Audi is one of the launch partners of Oculus For Business and uses it Oculus Rift to build virtual reality car showrooms. Cisco has created a collaborative virtual reality environment to cooperate in design and planning and in a virtual office.

The ad makes perfect sense for Oculus. HTC Vive has not only proven that there is a market for enterprise-class virtual reality solutions, but Oculus is well prepared to capitalize on it. Using business contacts from the parent company, the Oculus Rift could easily slip into many other office environments.

That being said, Facebook At Work has never taken off, but it’s a slightly easier sale.

It is not yet clear whether this now means that the Oculus Rift will be compatible with Nvidia’s industry-leading virtual reality creation and collaboration platform, Holodeck . I would not be surprised if the integration would take place quickly, as more and more users buy Oculus Rift headphones through Oculus For Business.

Along with your ad for Oculus Go It is clear that Oculus and Facebook aim to capitalize on growth opportunities, rather than simply focusing on the gaming market they initially targeted.