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NVIDIA control panel access denied – Settings not applied

Acceso al panel de control de NVIDIA denegado - No se aplica la configuración 1

The NVIDIA Control Panel is a central control panel for devices running NVIDIA graphics drivers. It comes with the driver package itself, so you don’t need to download or update it separately. Some users have reported that when they make changes to NVIDIA Control Panel settings, they eliminate the error Access forbidden . The whole error says:

Access forbidden.

The selected configuration was not applied to the system.

In this article, we will learn how to fix it.

Access to NVIDIA control panel denied

Some practical methods for effectively fixing denied access error in the NVIDIA control panel are as follows:

  1. Run the nvcplui.exe file as an administrator.

  2. Restores the latest version of the folder.

  3. Update or revert to drivers.

1]Run the nvcplui.exe file as administrator

Open File Explorer and navigate to the following path:

C: NProgram Files NVIDIA Corportation Control Panel Client

Find a file named nvcplui.exe, right click on it and select Run as administrator.

Please select Yes for the UAC or User Account Control alert you receive.

This should solve your problems.

2]Restores the latest version of the folder

It is a difficult method, so follow the steps carefully.

  • Open File Explorer

  • Navigate to the following path: C: | ProgramData N- NVIDIA DRS.

  • Right-click the folder for DRS and select Properties.

  • Change with Previous versions, System protection or Restore the system in the Properties window.

  • Restore the latest version of the contents of that folder.

It should return to the old working DRS settings. Your problem needs to be fixed now.

3]Update or run the drivers

You must first uninstall the current version of the NVIDIA graphics drivers installed on your computer. Then download and install the latest version of the driver from the official NVIDIA download page.

We did this method instead of updating the driver directly, because we need to reset all the driver settings stored on that computer.

Alternatively, you can try to revert to the current driver version and see if that solves your problem.

I should have helped you.

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