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Northwell Health implements Microsoft Teams as a secure messaging tool for clinical staff

Microsoft is deepening Teams' ties with Dynamics 365

Northwell Health connects tens of thousands of hospital workers with Microsoft teams, improves collaboration between clinical staff, and reduces the time it takes to access patient information.

Northwell, New York City’s largest network of hospitals with 23 hospitals and 800 outpatient clinics, began deploying its teams as a secure messaging platform early last year.

The reason for choosing the teams was to provide staff with a secure and compatible text communication method, allowing hospital workers to share protected health information (PHI) on mobile devices, said Northwell Health Medical Director Michael Oppenheim.

«At the most basic level, we need to provide a solution that allows providers to communicate in a HIPAA-compliant manner,» Oppenheim said. «Standard SMS messages on a phone aren’t secure enough, so we wanted to be able to give people something they could use from a desktop, from a [dispositivo] portable and have ad hoc communications between them. «