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Nominet EGM votes to expand IP communications business

Nominet EGM votes to expand IP communications business

The members of the British Internet registry services company Nominet voted in an extraordinary general meeting to expand the company’s field of activity. They want to see it live to bid for other Internet recording services.

The vote meant that the company could now apply to become the UK’s level 1 register ENUM (from the NUmber Mapping telephone), an internationally approved method of connecting the telephone communications network to the Internet, using the domain name system.

President-elect Bob Gilbert said he was «delighted with this result.»

«Nominet is now equipped to meet the challenges facing the company and to take advantage of the opportunities the market presents to the benefit of our members,» he said.

There is a belief in the industry that web addresses will replace telephone numbers in the next ten years. Albert Gouyet, vice president of marketing at Nominum network names and addresses, said people will have a single web address through ENUM that will direct all IP communications (email, fax, phone calls or instant messages) to a point reference.

«Nominet’s announcement is a testament to the potential that the communications industry sees in ENUM, but the critical consideration as ENUM is implemented will be the strength of the DNS (Domain Name System) infrastructure that underlies ENUM systems.