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Netgear ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition Review

Netgear ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition Review

NetNear ReadyNAS desktop NAS devices have always been a pioneer in network storage, but the latest Pro Business Edition raises the bar to the stratosphere. In this exclusive review, we offer you the reduction not only of the first desktop device with six units, but it is so fast that it leaves everything else in the dust.

Gone is the bright chrome chassis of NV +, because the Pro has the same design as the little ReadyNAS Duo. Not a bad thing, because it’s so well built that oversized cooling fans mean they’re as quiet as a mouse, and its smart OLED (organic light emitting diode) display offers a lot of easy-to-read details. about device settings.

Not only has Netgear added more disk locations, because the Pro has a hardware specification that makes the rest stand out. With the side panel removed, a 1.8 GHz dual core processor and its associated active radiator are revealed, and the system comes standard with 1 GB of DDR2 memory upgradable to 4 GB. Dual Gigabit ports support balanced and redundant connection equipment and have three USB2 ports for adding additional storage, network printers and backing up data from USB devices using the backup button on the front.

With a maximum capacity of 6 TB, the Pro now supports RAID-6, although we consider Netgear X-RAID2 technology to be a good bet. You do not need so much storage space and it allows you to increase the capacity starting from small dimensions and extending the online array to more units as needed. For testing, we were provided with a preconfigured 6TB RNDP6610 as a single X-RAID2 array, leaving us with a highly usable 4.5TB, error-tolerant raw capacity to play with.

To test performance, we used a Dell PowerEdge 1950 Xeon dual-core quad-core server with 4 GB of memory, a series of SAS streaks and Windows Server 2003 R2. I used Iometer to test the raw performance and with eight disk workers assigned to a share on the Pro, it reported 108 MB / sec for read and write operations. I then ran the ATTO Bench32 utility which confirmed these speeds. Real-world performance is also higher than the rest, as copies of a 2.52 GB video clip have read and write speeds of 52 MB / sec and 50 MB / sec. FTP took the envelope further with the FileZilla client, which returns read and write speeds of 90 MB / sec and 82 MB / sec.

Pro has many commercial features with AD authentication, support for Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac systems, share quota control and volume snapshots on the list. NTI Shadow monitors selected fonts on workstations and protects files as they are modified or recreated. Jobs can be scheduled to run at specific intervals, the device can manage its own daily and weekly backup schedules, and it can protect data on another NAS device on the network. Netgear also informed us that support for the iSCSI target of the Business Edition model will be added soon.

The competition in the desktop NAS market is tough, but ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition and its impressive set of features present a big challenge for the rest. We think that TS 509 Pro, included in list A, It was the fastest desktop device on the planet, but Netgear just snatched the crown from Qnap.

Basic specifications


Cost per gigabyte

RAID capacity

Wired adapter speed


FTP server?

UPnP media server?

Print server?

web hosting

BitTorrent Client?


Ethernet ports

USB connection?

ESATA interface

Security and administration

Administrative support for users

Administrative support for groups

Administrative support for disk quotas

Email alerts


Software provided

6.00 TB
1,000 Mbts / sec
RAIDar discovery software, NTI Shadow backup