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Netflix How to Fix UI3010 Error on Netflix – Step by Step Tutorial The UI3010 error is only displayed when using Netflix on …

Netflix How to Fix UI3010 Error on Netflix - Step by Step Tutorial The UI3010 error is only displayed when using Netflix on ...

UI3010 error only displayed when you use Netflix on your computer, because this error is due to the fact that the information stored in your browser needs to be updated, so the solution is simple, you just need to restore this data.

It is very common for this error to resolve itself, as the information is updated automatically, so check your internet speed, if it is very low, then it is likely to be the main reason for the error.

Also, if you’re using a laptop or notebook with Wi-Fi, notice that the signal strength is optimalIf you manage to increase your internet capacity, you will be able to put an end to this error, because with a good internet intensity all this data is updated instantly.

You can also fix other issues like Netflix 0013 error on devices, as this fix fixes a large number of such errors. I mean all those aimed at updating.

What does the UI3010 error appear in our Netflix application?

According to the «Netflix Help Center» This error means that our data stored on the web is not up to date. That is, our browser, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or others, has an error, whether it is cache, cookies or internet.

When you have one stable internet speed, UI3010 error is not displayed because all the information stored in the browser is updating itself, so don’t worry, there are several ways to fix this Netflix error code.

netflix UI3010 error is displayed on your computer

How should we fix Netflix UI3010 error on any device?

Once the problem is understood, we must act on its cause. This is for us browser or internet connection that’s what we have. It doesn’t matter if you are using a Windows or Mac PC, as I mentioned, the failure is not related to the operating system you are using, so the steps to resolve this error work for either of these two. Then:

Restart the router

The first thing you want to do is restart the internetIf you are using a laptop, restart the router, unplug the power cord for 1 minute, then reconnect it, wait for all the lights to come on, and continue to connect your laptop to the signal.

Once these steps are completed, access the browser and make sure that the UI3010 error has been removedYou’ve done these steps without leaving the Netflix app, just press «F5» to refresh the page, and if it still displays the error, you’ll probably need to delete the deletion from your web browser.

Clear the cache

If you’re using Google Chrome, enter the menu in the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen, go to «Record«You can enter directly with the key combination»Ctrl + H«By pressing them together you will enter directly and you will be able to see the option»Remove data from Navigation”.

Being in this window you will notice two menus, one «Basic» and the other «Advanced», enter the advanced one and you will see all the marked options, remove the mark from all, except the one that says Cached files and images«. And for the last day Click on «Remove data”.

clear the browser's netflix solution cache

Once the procedure is complete, open Netflix in a new tab and try again, it is very likely that UI3010 error is already gone, otherwise the problem if it is on the internet.

Connect your computer directly to the modem

If you have reached this point, use a network cable and connect your computer to desktop or laptop directly on the modemOf course, before doing this, check if you have done the previous steps. In other words, make sure everything is fine with your internet browser.

Improve the WiFi signal

If you don’t have a way to connect your computer directly to your modem and you can’t get a cable, a good option is to improve your Wi-Fi signal, just change place, Get close enough to the router to test the signal strength once the Wifi icon is full, then go to Netflix and check if the error is gone.