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Netflix How to fix Netflix error 5.8 on Android devices step by step

Netflix How to fix Netflix error 5.8 on Android devices step by step

From a decade ago to the present, the way we consume all kinds of audiovisual material has changed drastically thanks in large part to the Netflix streaming service, which has provided the ease of watching all kinds of movies, series and documentaries at home. through the web, with a large library and original content.

However, despite being the most popular streaming service today, Netflix sometimes tends to have operating issues either because of the software or the compatibility of the equipment. The good news is that you can easily fix or fix Netflix ERROR 0013 on your devices in minutes, as these issues are usually minor.

It is important to note that the vast majority of these issues do not usually occur on a regular basis, and with each update of the Netflix platform software, they are usually corrected. However, it is always important to be prepared first, which is why today we will teach you how to fix Netflix 5.8 error on Android devices Step by step.

What is Netflix 5.8 error?

Unlike other types of failures in Netflix system software, the 5.8 error occurs due to information from the official Netflix application for Android that needs to be updated to work properly or due to the accumulation of junk and cache files in the internal memory of the computer by the application.

Similarly, given that this is not the only issue that usually occurs within the platform, it is also recommended that you learn how to fix the Netflix 30103 error so that when a problem arises, be prepared and you don’t have to waste a lot of time researching it.

Like the rest of the bugs that the platform usually has, such as Netflix Error 1001, 1018, 1023, they prevent video playback within the platform, even if you still have the rest of the customization and navigation options available within it, as well as the Netflix help options in this case.

In general, this issue usually occurs on any type of Android device, whether it’s a tablet or mobile. And, in particular, this problem occurs more often inside Huawei devices such as P20 Pro and Y7 which means that no title can be played on the platform, presenting a message with Error 5.8 on the screen.

Fix Netflix 5.8 error on Android devices

As I mentioned earlier, these types of errors can be easily fixed manually without the need for in-depth research or the installation of external tools inside the device. This way, you can save time in the process and solve the problem in a completely safe way, the options you have are:

Restart your Android device

Probably the most obvious option and one we often tend to forget about, by a simple restart without having to reset the equipment from the factory You’ll be able to troubleshoot the official Netflix app on Android.

laptop mac starting netflix via the web

Clear the application cache

When you use Netflix on your Android device continuously, it tends to accumulate a large amount of information about cache files that may prevent it from working. Therefore, you must enter Settings> Applications and notifications> Netflix> Storage and in this menu, click Clear Cache and then Clear Data.

In addition, this problem often occurs on Android devices that are customized with a moving wallpaper, if this is your case, it is recommended to change the background to a static one to easily solve the problem. You just have to go to Settings> Display> Wallpaper> Wallpaper setting or search for the image in Gallery.

You can leave he tried these methods one by one and then enter the application to play a title and test if the issue has already been resolved.