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My opinion about Huawei mobile phones and the solution to the worst problem

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Although Huawei is a good distance from Samsung and Apple, it is among the top three manufacturers that sell the most mobile devices in the world. This in itself already gives us a clear reference to the quality that Huawei offers. Is it worth more than other brands? See.

Given that I had in my hands devices from several brands, including Samsung, Motorola, LG and Xiaomi, in addition to Huawei, of course, I can give my comparative view of this brand on the rest. And, in summary, you can say that Huawei is a good brand in Android devices. However, it is not the best.

Software: Is EMUI good?

Software is probably the most important part of an Android device, as it determines your experience of using your mobile phone or tablet. And while Huawei’s software or its EMUI interface is good, it’s not good enough compared to other brands.

Leaving aside its functions, which it has many and very good that no other brand offers, the most important problem of your Android system is the errors or failures it has. They are minor, they are certainly details, but they are constant things that I have not experienced in a brand like Samsung.

For example, one of the things that bothers me the most is that it doesn’t cache apps, so if you change apps and go back to the previous one, you don’t go back to where you were, but the app reloads, which is very annoying when you view the stream. by Facebook or YouTube. It’s like the phone doesn’t have RAM, even though mine has 2 GB.

Another problem is that notifications are lost when you unlock your phone or drag the status bar. Also, software update notification always appears despite deactivation. I had problems with Google Chrome shutting down and malfunctioning, the URL I’m entering isn’t shown here. Finally, I suddenly heard the warning «the person you want to talk to leads and cannot answer the call«Something unusual, because the phone is not even used.

As you can see, these are minor and tolerable EMUI errors. However, with Huawei I had a failure that I never had with any other brand: the day after I bought a Huawei Y5 2019, the navigation buttons disappeared, I restarted the mobile phone and it did not start again. I had to take him to the technical service for warranty so that the operating system could be restored. Probably a defective unit, as can certainly happen with any other brand, but I can’t help but mention it.

Applications are closed and not working properly

huawei disables battery saving

As I said at the beginning, a disadvantage (and, at the same time, an advantage) of Huawei devices is their aggressive battery optimization system, which forces «minimized» applications to shut down immediately after cessation of use. Obviously, this improves battery life, but also upsets the user experience, as applications that need to remain in the background are affected. In addition, this causes an app that you stopped using a few seconds ago to reload, update, or refresh its contents when you return to it, losing what you had in mind or what was left when you left. -a.

This battery optimization system is present on all Android devices starting with Android 6, but in Huawei devices it is more aggressive than in other brands, as I said. However, there is a solution and it consists primarily in disable automatic application startup management and put it in manual mode (Settings, Applications, Start applications, «Manage manually») and, secondly, deactivate or does not allow battery optimization for the application we want (Settings, Applications, Special access, Battery optimization, «Do not allow»). Here you can read in detail how to disable this optimization.

Unable to unlock bootloader on Huawei

Another disadvantage of Huawei is that it does not allow unlocking the bootloader of its equipment, as it is possible in Samsung, Motorola or Xiaomi, although for the latter the process is tedious. This means that you will only be able to block the official Android system available for Huawei. If it’s old, you won’t be able to block firmware that is NOT original, which gives you a more modern version of Android than your computer. In other words, the system will become obsolete over the years.


In terms of physical appearance and electronic or internal components, there is no major difference compared to other manufacturers. Huawei mobile phones are neither better nor worse than other brands. They offer practically the same or the same quality if we compare them quite well with the respective ranges of their competitors.

What’s good about Huawei mobile phones?

If you highlight the negatives of this brand, then it is an excellent option for the long battery life it offers. Another great thing about Huawei phones is that they are fast and generally fluid, even at lower intervals. Maybe one of the causes of both is its aggressive system of automatically closing applications (and maybe that’s why the cache or hosting of applications in RAM is very weak).


Huawei sells a lot and is not necessarily due to marketing or excellent recognition of its products and brand, but also because it offers good mobile phones. Obviously, they are not perfect, but you need to improve your software section a bit to be at the level offered by other brands. Personally, I did not have a completely satisfactory experience with Huawei. If I had to recommend a brand of cell phone, unfortunately it wouldn’t be. Obviously, those users who are satisfied with Huawei do not need to switch to another. In fact, from what I’ve seen, Huawei offers a slightly lower price than Samsung and is practically on par with Motorola and Xiaomi in terms of costs.

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