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Multipoint lock

cerradura multipunto

multipoint lock allows to increase the security of a property. In addition, they are easy to install. If you want to learn more about this type of lock, keep reading.

What is a multipoint lock?

multipoint locks are a model of security lock characterized by the presence two additional locking pistons. Therefore, together with the main door pin you add three locking or anchoring points.

multipoint lockMultipoint lock

Therefore, these are locks that provide a high degree of security, defense and protection, far exceeding wooden door locks.

How do you know how secure a multipoint lock is?

This is a question that homeowners often ask themselves. Well, it’s normal for incomprehensible When it comes to locksmiths, they have no way of knowing for sure how secure and solid a system with multiple anchor bolts is.

But there is a simple way to be aware of level of protection provided by a multi-point lock. It is a protocol known as Standard UNE-EN 12209 that, in addition to regulating and approving the construction of locks, it also deals with cataloging the level of security offered by each device.

multipoint locking of the rimMulti-point rim lock

Thus, most multi-point locks on the market have a compliant security level UNE-EN standards 12209 of the third degree. Which makes them quite efficient screw devices.

How does a multipoint lock work?

Although these types of locks are quite reliable and secure, its principle the actuation mechanism of multi-anchor or multi-point locks is quite simple.

The operation of these locks is based on the additional anchoring or locking provided by the additional pistons.

multi-point dead lockMulti-point dead lock

In this way, if an author could get rid of the latch or the main pin, the rest of the anchors would always remain fixing the door.

acorn multipoint lock

The best thing is that, although there are several crossbar bars that keep the door closed, if they were forced, the perpetrator should open them one by one, because each of these pistons opens independently when the key is not used.

What are the advantages of a multipoint lock?

There are many advantages that several anchor locks offer, below, we will mention some of the most important:

Keep the door fixed to the frame in several places

This is the main advantage and it may seem like a misunderstanding to expert locksmiths, but for homeowners and business people who are not knowledgeable we have to explain everything.

With a multi-point lock, the door of the house or company remains fixed to the frame in several places: not only where the locking cylinder is located, with the benefits that this entails.

tesa multipoint lock

So, thanks to these multi-piston locks, the door will stay up longer and withstand more malicious attacks and attempts to enter.

They cannot be opened with cards or pieces of plastic

Most homeowners do not know how easily their conventional locking doors can be opened using ordinary objects such as a credit card, an acetate sheet or a piece of plastic glass.

pvc door multi-point lock

With multi-point locks it is impossible to use these techniques because, if the expert authors managed to unlock the main latch, they could not open the rest of the bolts that lock the door.

They are easy to install

Therefore, if someone needs to provide more security to a property, the easiest way is to install multipoint locks.

How to install a step-by-step multipoint lock?

Here’s how to install a step-by-step multipoint lock.

To install a multipoint lock, you will need:

  • Screwdrivers fall and grooved.
  • Drill and several bits.
  • A hammer.
  • The new lock.
multi-point sidese lock

We continue with the installation of the multi-point lock.

  1. The best way to install a multi-point lock is to lower the door so that you can work more comfortably. To do this you must:
    1. Open the door and, with courage, remove the screws that hold the hinges.
    1. Remove the door.
  2. Once we have the door in a comfortable place to work, we proceed to disassemble the old lock:
  3. All you have to do is unscrew the locking shields: both inside and outside.
  4. Remove the long screw from the edge of the door that holds the cylinder.
  5. Insert the key and turn it to remove the cylinder.
  6. The next step will be to present the new lock on the door and mark the places where screws will be needed. You can mark them using a pencil or with the tip of a nail or screw. You must also mark the place where the new cylinder will enter, if it is larger.
  7. If your multi-point lock cylinder is larger than the old cylinder, then you should enlarge the hole using a larger bit.
    1. With the hole ready, you should measure once more to confirm that the cylinder fits well. Sometimes it is better to start drilling a little smaller if you are not sure of the diameter.
  8. Now drill the holes where the screws that hold the multipoint lock shields will go.
  9. With the holes ready, all you have to do is install the lock and the screw.
  10. Always make sure that the mechanism works smoothly. To do this, open and close the key several times. The pistons should go in and out at the same time as you turn the key.
  11. If everything is in order now, all you have to do is install the door in its place and enjoy the security levels that the multipoint lock offers.
multipoint lock priceMultipoint lock price

If you find the procedure somewhat complicated, you can hire your trusted locksmith to handle the installation.

Another advantage of multi-point locks is that you can place more on the property and open all those doors with the same key, so you can get rid of all those annoying keys and keep only one or a few. This is what is known as multipoint lock with master key.