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Models with door keys

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models with door keys They are that little tool from which there are many models and which are able to activate the door locks, whether we are at home, at work, in the car or safely.

Besides the fact that we get lost and hide in our backpack or pocket when we urgently want to enter somewhere, the keys are:

A very practical tool that allows you to keep your belongings and valuables safe and access them whenever you want, using them to unlock the lock.

cruciform key

But locks and keys are not just one, because there are different models with door keys.

If you want the types of keys that exist here, we will show you each of them.

9 door key designs you should know

It currently exists different types of keys and each time it continues to create new types of keys with the help of technology to increase security levels.

plastic key for garage

Here are nine models of door keys you should know:

Common key

common or modern key It is one of the best known in the world, it is characterized by the fact that it is a key with a flat pin or tail with channels on the sides.

But the most distinctive feature is at the top of its flat stem and is the teeth or closes.

definition keyDefinition key

Are indentations or notches are the important part of the key, because these indentations or teeth are its code key that unlocks each of the needles from the locking cylinder.

In this way, enter the key on these lines and you can turn the mechanism to open the door.

A simple but also safe mechanism that allows us to protect our homes, however, there are other types of locks that are much more secure.

Classic key

East door key pattern It is not used very often today, as it was a type of wrench with a much simpler mechanism than before, and therefore less secure, it was widely used a few decades ago.

classic key or also known as wrench with blades, is characterized by having a cylindrical stem or tang, and at the end of it are one or two pallets.

wrench with bladesPalette wrench

The lock code was engraved on the palette, something very simple, but which worked perfectly for many years.

Remote key

remote key It is common today, either for the door of a business or for a car.

East key type It is characterized by the fact that it has a remote control, programmed with the lock.

key storyThe history of the key

With this command you can lock or unlock the lock from a distance. Widely used to open the car door or to open the garage door.

Security key

This is one of models of the most used door keys today after the common keys, because it has a much more reliable and less vulnerable opening system than the locking key.

Therefore, if someone wants to keep their belongings in their home or business, in the safest way possible, it is always recommended to install a security door. or just a security lock.

main tubular locking key

The security keys can be recognized by having both edges flat, so that the code is marked on the flat side, with small indentations distributed along the shaft.

Among the models of door keys on the market, security keys are among the best.

Magnetic key

Another type of door key that can be found on the market, although not so common for homes, are the famous magnetic keys or magnetic stripe keys.

Yes, those that are used in hotels like an «old» credit card.

types of door keys

Although they are also used in companies or units, such as banks, where only some people have access to certain areas.

Are magnetic keys are very effective, because access can be restricted in case of loss and also are not as annoying to load as a shared key.

The main key

Another of the existing keys that can be obtained with the help of a locksmith, are that master.

What is this name?

It is given this name for a reason, and that is that you can open all the locks you want.

models with door keysModels with door keys

Well, only those locks that have been trained with the same key code.

They are used in hotels, shops and companies where each employee has their key, however, the boss or manager always has a primary key in case of inconvenience.

Cruciform key

This is one of the less common keys that you can find on the market because it is quite strange.

They have one cylindrical and spike like those of the old keys, but with a peculiarity that differentiates it from the rest, namely that it ends with a cross shape from which the vertical teeth protrude.

Strange truth, but sure.

Biometric key

Technology is advancing more and more as the years go by and you no longer have to carry a set of keys wherever you go. That’s why it exists biometric locks.

How come I don’t need a key?

biometric locksBiometric locks

You will wonder. Sure, you need it, but in this case you don’t need a metal object to activate the locking mechanism.

Do youHow these biometric keys work?

biometry It is the ability to measure people perfectly, because, as we all know, no two people are identical, much less one fingerprint identical to the other.

And biometric locks, scan your fingerprint to activate the lock opening.

In this case, the key is your fingerprint, so you should not wear a key hammer because you have the key on your finger.

Although there are other forms of biometric keys, such as iris scan recognition, facial recognition or voice recognition.

Hit key

Another model of door key is the well-known knock key, which is a special key used by locksmiths to open all types of doors.

types of door keys

there is hitting the keys for almost any type of lockTheir peculiarity is that the recesses are much deeper than the original key, which allows the locking pins to be unlocked with the help of a strong blow.