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Mobile tutorials What is Android Webview System, what is it for and what are its benefits? Can it be disabled?

Mobile tutorials What is Android Webview System, what is it for and what are its benefits?  Can it be disabled?

When we buy an agency mobile phone, it usually comes with many native applications already installed by default. Most of the time we don’t know what the utility of many of these applications is, one of them is Android System Webview although it is also known as System Webview.

You want to know what is this application, what are they for and what are the possible advantages it can offer to the user? You are here for a reason and we will explain in this article.

What is Android Webview System?

You can find the definition of this app by going to the Google Play Store or choosing Android Developer’s Blog. But, in simple terms, it can be said that it is an application, it is a component that is part of the system based on Chrome technology that allows other applications of the Android operating system to display all kinds of web content.

That is, if you want to find and choose the best WordPress plugins for a website from an Android phone, this application will allow it, because its operation is to show you web information through other applications. So, as such, it is an application that allows other applications to display web content without having to open an application or a browser.

What is an Android Webview system for?

In the simplest sense, it is a developer-oriented application so that it can add new features to browsers and the applications it develops. This implies that I can perfectly include code libraries in the software.

Thanks to this inclusion of the mentioned library, they can create a browser within developing applications. That way, you don’t need a browser like Google Chrome or anything else to interact with a particular webpage, except for Wall-based web apps. It’s something like wanting to delete the most visited web pages in Chrome, but without having to open the app as such.

Does this special application have any benefit?

The reality is that if you have some benefits that may interest you. The main thing to highlight among all is that it is a technology that allows you to view and access information much faster.

All this process is done natively and without the need to resort to the services or functions of other applications. This is possible due to the fact that much of the information on a website can be uploaded to this application. Once the webpage you opened is closed, the application will return to where it was before displaying the information.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you want to block adult content web pages in Google Chrome. You can do it perfectly from this application, as long as you have the right knowledge.

What is the webview of the Android system for?

An important fact to mention is that you should know that thanks to this technology, you can now integrate links to external pages in an application that you are developing. Of course, not only can you do this, but you can also choose a feature of interest and integrate it into your application. without the need to create an internet browser.

At some point, while using your mobile device, you may have noticed that when you open a link, it does not direct you to an external application. Rather, a page opens in the same application. Of course, the format o and the interface are not exactly the same, but you can access and see the information that interests you.

Is it important to keep this app up to date?

The truth is that it is very important. The idea of ​​keeping the Android System Webview application up to date is simply so that the user experience is as optimized as possible and, like other applications, will change and improve depending on the hardware as well as own operating system that the mobile device has.