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Mobile Tutorials How to prevent my mobile phone volume from dropping only on Android and iPhone

Mobile Tutorials How to prevent my mobile phone volume from dropping only on Android and iPhone

Mobile phone use is very common today and hopefully it can work as it should. But sometimes we can find unusual bugs which can cause a lot of annoyance and discomfort.

Especially when these issues do not allow us to carry out common activities, such as listening to music, saving songs from applications or watching movies. And that is why we will teach you how to prevent my mobile phone volume from being reduced only on my android or iphone device.

Depending on the mobile device you are using, there may be various causes of this problem and we will need to be able to identify it effectively. It is also possible that the volume of the smartphone lowered only when on the speaker or when using Bluetooth headphones or AirPods. Therefore, we can find more failures.

So if you want your smartphone to be this Android or iPhone, I don’t know continue to turn down the volume spontaneously. We invite you to read this article and apply the following corrections that we will indicate below.

What you need to do to correct or prevent volume drop on your mobile only

As already mentioned, there may be different factors that cause the problem decrease in volume. And the first thing we need to do is rule out a physical problem, as the malfunction may occur when using headphones. And in this case, just trying with other hearing aids we can come up with the solution, if not, try the following.

Volume up or down buttons they can be dirty and they can be blocked by activating spontaneously. Sometimes this type of malfunction can occur after the mobile device has fallen to the ground or into water and become wet. This type of accident can cause various faults, including an internal short circuit.

We advise you to stop it and bring it a hair dryer for a few seconds. If you can remove the bottom cover and the battery is much better, at the end, reassemble the mobile and make sure the issue has been resolved. Otherwise, the failure you are experiencing may be caused by the fact that your smartphone is obsolete.

For some reason, a previous update may cause mobile phones to appear spontaneously the volume increases or decreases. Therefore, there may be a recent update that corrects this issue. To do this, just enter the system settings and check for a pending update.

Other possible solutions to prevent the decrease of the volume only on the mobile

For keep the volume of my phone from shrinking by itself, Now you should try to see if this is the case with all apps that play music or videos. If not, you will need to locate the application that has an error and uninstall and reinstall it to see if the error is resolved this way.

avoid low volume mobile phone

If this problem occurs with all applications installed on your mobile, you will need to restart or reset your mobile phone. This operation can solve many problems that occur with the phone, otherwise difficult to solve. This can be the final solution and prevent the volume from lowering itself.

If the malfunction on the mobile cannot be corrected, it is best to take the smartphone to a technical service. Because, obviously, you will need to have access to the inside of the device, which an inexperienced user cannot do. Or maybe you will have to do it major software repairs.

In both cases, there will be very delicate procedures and it is recommended that a professional do it. And in this way I completed the tutorial that I can teach you how to prevent the volume on my android or iphone from shrinking by itself.