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Mobile tutorials How to make a home stand for my mobile or mobile phone with recycled materials

Mobile tutorials How to make a home stand for my mobile or mobile phone with recycled materials

Have you ever felt good at work, not at the office, and even in class, doing an activity or task that requires both hands, but at the same time you need to use your cell phone? Whether you’re reading or watching a video, it’s vital they have some kind of support where we can place our mobile device while performing our activities or tasks.

You can easily go to the nearest electronics store you have or are looking for mobile phone support on Amazon. However, today is not an option for many. That’s why, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses, you can perfectly make your own home support with recycled materials.

This medium, which you can create after reading this article, will allow you to perform a variety of tasks, such as:

Do you need specific material to be able to make mobile phone holders?

You can create practically mobile phone holders with any type of material. Of course, it must be a material that does not affect the physical integrity of the device in any way. As such, you can use plastic, PVC, wood, cardboard, among others.

Phone holder, recycled plastic

You have the great advantage that many of commodities such as beverages, bottles, plastic containers and others are made of plastic. Of course, you can’t choose any bucket or plastic bottle, because it has to be big and wide enough so that you can get the shape of your mobile phone out of it.

How about The materials you need are the following:

  • A transparent plastic bucket
  • A black or color marker of your choice
  • Scissors that another tool that allows you to make cuts
  • Some cotton
  • You can use any material that allows you to color or paint the medium you will make. So you can use nail polish of different colors, permanent markers, colored plastic paints, glue, brush and so on.

It is important to note that when finish creating the phone holder, you will have a lot of ease when you are anywhere, especially in the kitchen. We comment on this because a phone holder will allow you to download and use Haylie Pomroy’s accelerated metabolism diet. But in general, you can use the device with the parentheses however you want.

Steps to Make Home Cell Phone Support

As for the steps you need to follow, they will be as follows:

  1. Take the fine pen and start draw the shape of your phone holder on the cube. This will need to be done both at the base of the cube and on one of its sides
  2. Clean all the leftovers from the marking with a handkerchief.
  3. With a nail polish remover, you can let Lara the plastic bottom you cut, so that it does a kind of phone arm.
  4. Continue to decorate as you wish.
  5. At the end, on the back of the support, you will glue it, you will make a small piece of the same bucket or glass, so that it works as a leg for prevent the stand from falling.

how to make a mobile home stand

If possible, make sure at the time cut the support shapeIt has an additional element behind it, which makes a kind of leg. This way, you won’t have to make extra cuts and then glue two items together to make the final backing. When you start using it, you will notice that it will be much easier for you to get a homemade recipe while you are in the kitchen preparing lunch.

Recommendations after finishing the support

While it is true that only you use or will be able to use your mobile device, it is highly recommended that you learn how to clean and disinfect your mobile phone from viruses or bacteria. In the same way, you have to do this procedure with home phone assistance to be safe.