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Mobile tutorials How to fix a coverage issue on my mobile phone and improve my signal

Mobile tutorials How to fix a coverage issue on my mobile phone and improve my signal

Staying connected to a mobile network today is a must. thanks to mobile networks around the world, we can make full use of the features of our device. That is, we can send and receive text messages, make calls, and even connect to the Internet.

However, there are situations where the mobile signal is bad to the point where it cannot allow the device perform any of the above operations. Therefore, it is very important for the person who has a smartphone to know what are the main differences between the LTE and 4G network.

In today’s opportunity, we’ll tell you how you can solve a coverage issue on your mobile phone. Try to stay at the end of the article because you can be having problems with the device And it’s not just the phone signal.

Is coverage problems only due to the phone signal?

The answer to this question is no. Although it is true that the telephone signal of an operator in your country may fail at such a high level that it does not allow you to make or receive calls or messages, which is not always the case. Your mobile device may have such a configuration that does not allow the same equipment to receive the signal from the appropriate operator.

Therefore, if you do not receive the right amount of phone signal, you will have to limit yourself when performing various tasks with your device to the point where you will not be able to share mobile data or internet via Wi-Fi on your Android or mobile phone. IOS. In addition, the equipment you have on hand may have a hardware failure.

How can you solve the problem of coverage on your mobile phone?

Check if your operator is operational or functional

If you have seen a lot of cases users with smart mobile devices They tend to do a lot of things to fix coverage. Although it is not bad at all, you have to start with the most basic and essential: check if the operator is active and the signal is not low.

By this we mean that there are times when a telephone network is faulty due to maintenance. This can happen at local, regional or national level, although it is very difficult to do so, especially during office or work hours. If this is the case, just wait for the services to be restored.

Check that your smartphone is working

Just because your phone is turned on and you can use it doesn’t mean it works 100%. Something so simple that you can do is still to check, although this will depend on the phone service you currently have. If you have a movistar line, you can diagnose your phone using its mobile app.

Look at the network settings

Sometimes a smartphone can be misconfigured to such an extent that it cannot receive the proper phone signal. In general, this misconfiguration is due to the fact that instead of selecting 4G networks, the activated is 2G and even 3G networks.

how to improve the mobile signal

Checking this is extremely simple, just go to the equipment configuration, there you will find SIM card option and mobile networks. Select this option and, depending on the line chip you have inside the phone, you will access its configuration.

There you can check if it really is enable networking or 4G connectivity. This is information that will let you know where your phone is currently covered by Rappi.

Check if the SIM card is damaged or functional

As I mentioned, simple ones are sometimes the solution to problems. In this regard, you should check whether the SIM card of your mobile phone service is it in good condition or not. You can test with another phone that supports or is compatible with the line chips you have. If you notice that the other phone is receiving a signal, your device may have problems. Otherwise, you’ll need to change Sims.