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Mobile tutorials How to easily know my SIM phone number Phone number is a fundamental part of …

Mobile tutorials How to easily know my SIM phone number Phone number is a fundamental part of ...

The phone number is a fundamental part of a mobile device and knowing it is even more important. However, if you are one of the people who do not know you SIM card phone number, this guide explains how you can find out your phone number in different ways.

There are quick and easy steps, so this page offers several options so you can freely decide which one best suits your requirements. Try each of the following options until find out the phone number of the SIM card.

How do I find out my phone number if I don’t have a balance?

If you need know your phone number, but you do not have a balance, I will tell you that there are other options with which you can solve your question and know the phone number once and for all. These options can be found on your mobile phone.

Call a family member

If there is no balance, you cannot contact by a phone call members of your family, you can only do this if you have a Wi-Fi connection, calling through the WhatsApp application (even if it is in any language).

Send an SMS

It is logical that, having no balance, it is unable to send a text message someone else to find out your phone number. As explained, you can send a message, but through social networks that require only the wireless connection.

Check the cover of your mobile phone

Your phone number may be on the back of your mobile device. All you have to do is carefully discover your mobile phone and check if your number is there. Some Android users cannot apply this option because the cover cannot be removed.

chip codes with SIM number

What is the dialing code to know my phone number?

In all parts of the world, people have a different phone number for each person. Each country also contains a specific code for its users. If you want to know the dialing code of your device at any time, you only need to know the area code of the place where you are. So it will all depend on you geographical location. In other words, if you plan to emigrate to another country, keep in mind that your phone number will change in its entirety, from the dialing code to subsequent numbers. You don’t have to be an expert to know some essentials of your SIM such as knowing your number or activating your SIM card.


As it is known, in all countries of the world there are area codes, in the case of the telephone company Tigo, it offers its services in different countries in Latin America. Colombia is one of them, so if you are in this country and you forgot your Tigo number, you will be able to know it by calling code * 255 * 4 # and by clicking the key to call, so you can get your number quickly, easily and for free.

However, this procedure is carried out in each country that has this telephone operator. Because there are many offices of You extended by Latin America:

-For Guatemala: dial the code * 99 # and then call.

-For El Salvador, dial * 627 # and press the call key.

-For Paraguay, dial * 88 # and press the call key.

-For Bolivia, dial * 33 # and press the call key.

-For Honduras, dial * 594 # and press to make the call.

-For Nicaragua, dial * 686 #.

-For Costa Rica, dial 1722, where you will contact customer service

SIM number of the prefix

Everything is from free from. Don’t forget to mention that another method to know your Tigo phone number is to download the Mi Tigo application, it will depend on the type of line and the country you are in. Although it is not a known option or method, it is usually very useful when it comes to knowing your phone number.

Of course

Claro, like Tigo, operates in various Latin American countries. If you forget your number at any time, you will find out with this simple procedure. And it’s completely free!

One of the ways to know your Claro phone number is by calling cod * 611 # where there will be more options about the service offered by this company, the one required in this case is option 5, where following the correct steps your phone number will be displayed on the screen.

If, on the other hand, you do not have much time or you need to know your phone number immediately, dial the code * 595 # followed by pressing the call key, with this step will appear directly on the screen.

-In Paraguay, # 62 #

-In Uruguay * 22 #

-From Costa Rica * 101 #

-In Honduras 129 #

-In Argentina * # 62 #

Although there are ways to find out the Tigo phone number without a balance, this option is ideal because it is completely free.


With a single call you can know your Telcel identification phone number, calling 051 from Mexico.

call server call


This telecommunications company is originally from Peru since 2011 and has been purchasing chips from many users. If you want to find out your phone number for this company on your mobile device, all you have to do is:

Mark on your mobile device cod 164 and that’s it! That at no cost.

Although this code is enough to know your number in Peru, there are other easy ways to do it. You can call Bitel customer service or check invoice for the purchase of your SIM


Although it was founded in Chile, EntityHe spread with several headquarters in Peru and Bolivia. To know the phone number of each you need to dial these codes depending on the country you are in.

entel telephone company

  • If you are in Bolivia, dial * # 62 # followed by the call.
  • If you are in Chile, dial 301 and follow the instructions provided by your operator.
  • Finally, if you are in Peru, dial * 1 #.


Officially, in order to know your phone number of this company, all you have to do is:

Call number 051 and after that, you will receive a message or a call informing you of the number. This method is extremely effective in knowing your number if you have one AT&T chip.

Can I check the number of a SIM card that is disabled?

For personal reasons, SIM cards are often disabled by the home company, people generally stop using it and the company assumes inactivity and cancels it. Unfortunately, there are times when people want to go back to the SIM card line, although as time goes on, they don’t remember that number.