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Mobile tutorials How to activate an inactive or deactivated SIM card or chip in a simple way

Mobile tutorials How to activate an inactive or deactivated SIM card or chip in a simple way

No matter what mobile phone you have (whether it’s Android or iOS), in order to make calls, receive and send messages and use the internet, your mobile phone must have a SIM card to do so. Of course, it is not as easy as inserting the chip and voila. There are times when requires manual activation of these cards.

Before you start with the step-by-step explanation of activating these cards or chips, you should know that for some operators, the procedure for activating prepaid SIM cards is the same as for subsequent payments. Same, if you happen to be a Movistar chip, the same company offers you a page where you can learn how to activate your chip.

Steps you need to take to validate and / or activate your mobile phone’s SIM cards

Before we begin, we must mention that all his chips SIM cards currently have storage capacity. For this reason, if you want to recover or restore deleted contacts from a SIM or micro SIM card, this is possible.

Movistar chips

For this operator, you just need to follow three simple steps if you have a prepaid SIM card:

  1. You need to insert the card into the appropriate slot on your mobile. Depending on the phone you have, you will need to open the back cover and remove the battery or remove the tray on the sides.
  2. Then I turn on the phone and enter the required PIN code and that it depends on Movistar.
  3. Call any number you want to complete the activation. Of course, the latter will be possible as long as you bought the card in a certified store.

There are situations where Movistar SIM cards are under contract. In such cases, you should:

  1. Follow exactly the same first two steps as now.
  2. Then access the dialing application and dial the following number: 1004. There you will need to request the activation of the card you have. You will most likely have to wait 24 hours for the activation to complete.
  3. If you collected the card from a store, then you will have to wait a week until the card is active.

Keep in mind that once you’ve activated your SIM card, you can seamlessly switch the same card from one phone to another without losing your contacts. It also doesn’t matter what device you want to change the chip on.

Is it the same procedure to activate Vodafone SIM cards?

Activating the Vodafone SIM card

The truth is that it is a bit similar, but the procedure is different. In this case, for activate a Vodafone SIM card, must:

  1. Be a new customer of the company.
  2. Buy and insert the chip in the phone you have, it must be a Smartphone capable of supporting 4G networks.
  3. Then turn on the device and continue to enter the PIN code that is requested on the screen.
  4. In the end, you don’t have to do anything else after activating it is done automatically.

This is an easy procedure for new or first time users. On the other hand, if you are a regular customer, the procedure is different. But before continuing the explanation, please note that the SIM card may be activated to send a message of unknown origin. Don’t be scared, because this has a solution. Now yes, for regular customers, you must:

  1. Open your browser on your computer and log in
  2. Go to the search icon in the upper right
  3. Fill in the USER and KEY fields
  4. 4 Then click «Enter my Vodafone».
  5. Once inside, go to the private area panel and select «My products»
  6. Find the «My mobile phone and SIM» option
  7. Select Change Sim
  8. In the submenu, you must fill in the required fields.
  9. Complete the process and then turn off the computer
  10. Insert the chip into the mobile and turn it on
  11. Enter your PIN and you’re done.