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Mobile applications How to prevent the automatic download and installation of standalone applications on Android

Mobile applications How to prevent the automatic download and installation of standalone applications on Android

Those who have Android phones know that sometimes there are certain malfunctions in the operating system. This can happen to anyone who has any make or model of mobile that they have. But of all the existing flaws, certainly the most annoying is the one in which download and install applications on your own without us wanting or knowing.

Believe it or not, that it doesn’t usually just happen on Android phones, but also in Windows there are programs that are installed automatically and this can affect the operation of your computer and other programs.

But no matter what type of device you have, the cause of this problem may be the same: a malware or a virus which causes applications to download and install.

Although in the case of mobile phones, it often happens that there is a misconfiguration of Google Play services and this causes such a situation to occur on your mobile phone. So today, learn how to prevent this. In addition, doing so will prevent you from having trouble uninstalling apps on Android.

How to prevent apps from installing and downloading on their own on mobile?

The first thing you should do almost mandatory is to know what configuration you currently have Google Play on your phone. To do this, you need to go to Google Play on your device and select the option that appears on the left to display the options panel.

There you have to look for an option that it refers to Do not update applications automatically. If this option is enabled, you just need to disable it and that’s it. Now, although this is a very simple process, it may not solve the problem, and the applications will continue to download.

But still, it’s worth a try. In fact, Google Play has an option that lets you know if there’s an app that’s being updated or downloaded. If you don’t have it enabled, you should go to this app’s settings right now and turn it on be aware of downloads.

Solution so that the applications do not download and install on my mobile phone

Not and not everything will always be caused by a virus or a wrong configuration. There are pre-installed apps on Android that you need to uninstall so they don’t start downloading unnecessarily. This could be a solution to your current problem.

On the other hand, there are currently mobile phones that, in their system configuration, give you options for limit the use of mobile data, as well as internet access via Wi Fi networks. And the truth is that this option or alternative to how to solve this problem.

All you have to do is access your mobile settings, you may need to access either the apps section or the mobile data section. There should be an option where you can enable and disable those applications that can access the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Although it seems simple, it is very effective when it comes to doing this prevent wallpapers of which you are not aware.

the applications download themselves on the mobile

Thanks to this configuration, you can limits the activation of Google PlayStore services and start downloading what you don’t want. Now, what you want is for all the apps on Android to update automatically, you should activate the Google Play app so that they have internet access.

Are there any apps that can help you with this issue?

The truth is that if there are some applications that help you controls more than the use of mobile data. Of course, you do not have the option to remove viruses with these applications, as they are not trained to do so.

But at least it gives you options that some phones don’t have. What you can do to control your data usage is to download 3G Wathdog. It is a free application that can help you a lot when it comes prevent applications from being downloaded and installed.