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Minecraft How to create a free Minecraft server? from the console, PC or mobile phone A good option for us to choose is to play …

Minecraft How to create a free Minecraft server?  from the console, PC or mobile phone A good option for us to choose is to play ...

A good option for us to choose is to play Minecraft, an open world game in 3D where its main feature is that everything is shaped like cubes, to play with our friends we have to create a server, but if we do not know how to create a server on different platforms on which the video game Minecraft was developed? In this guide we will show you one quick and easy way to create servers.

Does the game allow you to create your own free server?

Fortunately, we are allowed to create an online or LAN server for free, for both processes an internet connection is required, in addition to having Minecraft Java or Bedrock version. Something worth mentioning is that there are pages that, for a sum of money, create your own server in a much more complete and professional way, in addition to the fact that there are also free pages.

Some of the benefits of creating your own server through these pages are:

  • Thoroughly expand the maximum number of people entering the server.
  • Add microtransactions as armor upgrades, weapons, VIP attention and more.
  • Creating servers in a faster and more professional way without having knowledge.
  • Active maintenance of created servers.

What servers are in Minecraft for?

Minecraft servers are used to host different players and allow them to perform or perform different roles in them, it all depends on the theme of the server. Let’s take that as an example There are role servers in Minecraft, which consist of leading a normal life in a video game. There are also a number of battles such as skywars, survival and a lot of server themes to discover.

On the other hand, Minecraft servers they can be a great source of income, because there are many server creators who charge a monthly subscription to different users who decide to pay it, thus bringing a lot of benefits to these players, it all depends on the server and the theme it has.

On which pages can I create Minecraft servers?

Currently, there are various pages dedicated only to creating Minecraft servers, whether they are free or paid, in the following list we present some of the most popular pages about creating servers:

  • External: Allows you to create Minecraft servers easily and for free
  • PlayBukkit: Provide different hosts to create our server
  • Minecraft Realms: Allows the creation of cross-platform servers in exchange for a monthly subscription
  • Hostinger: This is a company that hosts a lot of servers in Minecraft
  • Serveromat: Create a server with excellent payment-based performance

For the console

create the Minecraft server console edition

To create different servers in different consoles that currently support this, it is recommended that you use Minecraft Realms, considering this, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Connect with your console user and connect with Minecraft
  2. Create a new world with the settings you want, in addition to its creation in the Realms
  3. Choose the maximum number of players you want to be able to enter on the server
  4. On the next screen, we are offered to buy the monthly Realms subscription, which will give us a month of free trial with the server.
  5. We’ve added a name to our server, in addition to accepting the terms and conditions that appear on our screen. Finally, we follow the displayed steps and our server will start.

On mobile devices

For this case, we use the Minecraft PE version for mobile devices, which is a version that has been released for consoles, virtual reality and mobile devicesIn addition to downloading from the Play Store, an application called LEET Servers, which is an application that creates servers in exchange for credits, which can be purchased or earned by performing various tasks. To create a server with this application we need to follow a series of steps shown below.

  • We must first have a sufficient amount of credits to select a map
  • We will be shown a series of configurations, which we can customize according to the theme we want to cover on our server.
  • Choose the version of Minecraft PE that we installed and press the «Play now» button to start the server.

If we want our friends to join our server, we need to share the IP address and port of the server we created earlier.

With PC

minecraft pc menu servers

In this case, to create servers with PC we will use a Windows computer and a page to create servers, this time we will occupy an ATERN call, besides the fact that we have Minecraft installed on our computer, now we just need to follow the following steps :

  • We will have to create an account and connect to the ATERNOS page
  • We press the Create a server button, we are allowed to customize the IP address and the welcome text. We will also have to select the Minecraft version we use, either JAVA or Bedrock.
  • We press the create button and customize the options we want, at this point we must give free rein to our imagination, regardless of the number of players, modes, plugins, creative mode and more.
  • We start our server and wait for the indicated time, then we copy the IP address of our server, this will serve us later
  • We open Minecraft, click where it says multiplayer> add server, then place the name of the server we want, finally, we position ourselves below and paste the IP address we copied earlier.

Do you have to have a server to play with your friends?

It is not really necessary to create an online server to play with your friends, however, it is necessary for everyone to find someone else’s server and connect, there is another alternative called «LAN multiplayer game» which allows players to connect in a world created by either player, provided they are connected to the same internet or IP address.

How do I get a payment server? – Minecraft realms

Minecraft Realms is a platform in which, for a monthly subscription, it allows you to create your own personal server, this being new allows us to share our worlds to play online multiplayer with our friends between devices.

paid servers for Minecraft realms

It’s just a matter of getting the data from the server created by Realms, it can be through web pages or videos dedicated to their creation, being able to play with up to 10 friends from the same world.